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““This is what the LORD says, he who made the earth, the LORD who formed it and established it—the LORD is his name: ‘Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.’” — Jeremiah 33:2-3 Listen to chapter . Powered by


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4 August 每日灵粮 — 患难的益处 The Value of Adversity

一 我们不时遭遇苦难与逆境,实在是有利的,因为它们常常会使人反省自己,而且使他感觉他在世上如被逐的囚犯,不应该对世界上任何东西寄以信赖之情。我们有时遇着反对,这也是有利的,受人家毁谤(虽然我们行事与思想并无不正),也没有什么害处。这些事常会帮助我们学习谦卑,防止虚荣,因为我们就会更加竭力寻求上帝为我们内心的见证,虽然在外表上是被人轻视,而且毫无荣誉。所以人应完完全全地把自己安放在上帝里面,就不至于再感到需要人所给予的安慰。

二 一个有德的人遭受痛苦试诱,或为恶念所扰的时候,他就更了解他如何迫切地需要上帝。若没有上帝,他知道他是无法行善的。同时,他为着所受的苦楚而忧愁、哀痛,而且发出祷告之声。同时,他也要感到完全的平安,绝对的平安在此世是不可能获得的。

English Version:

The Value of Adversity

IT IS good for us to have trials and troubles at times, for they often remind us that we are on probation and ought not to hope in any worldly thing. It is good for us sometimes to suffer contradiction, to be misjudged by men even though we do well and mean well. These things help us to be humble and shield us from vainglory. When to all outward appearances men give us no credit, when they do not think well of us, then we are more inclined to seek God Who sees our hearts. Therefore, a man ought to root himself so firmly in God that he will not need the consolations of men.

When a man of good will is afflicted, tempted, and tormented by evil thoughts, he realizes clearly that his greatest need is God, without Whom he can do no good. Saddened by his miseries and sufferings, he laments and prays. He wearies of living longer and wishes for death that he might be dissolved and be with Christ. Then he understands fully that perfect security and complete peace cannot be found on earth.


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