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Hezbollah infiltration attempt from Lebanon foiled by IDF – 以色列国防军挫败真主党从黎巴嫩渗透的企图

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A Hezbollah terrorist cell attempted to infiltrate into Israel from Lebanon and was engaged by the IDF in the area of Har Dov.

By Paul Shindman, World Israel News

IDF forces in the area of Har Dov on the Israel-Lebanon border exchanged fire with Hezbollah terrorists on Monday. The terrorist cell was eliminated.

An IDF spokesman said, “We managed to disrupt an attack by a terrorist cell of the size of three or four terrorists who crossed a few meters into the sovereign territory.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, on his way to IDF headquarters in Tel Aviv, said, “We are in a security incident that is not a simple one.”

According to early reports, the terrorist cell attempted an ambush, firing a missile at an Israeli Merkava tank. However, the cell was intercepted quickly before it could carry out its mission.

Caroline Glick: Israels stability strategy strengthens terrorists

No Israeli casualties were reported. Residents said they heard heavy exchanges of fire on the border area.

The incident started around 3:00 p.m. local time and the Army ordered all residents of the Upper Galilee region to remain indoors until further notice. “All activities in the open space are prohibited, including agricultural work, resorts and tourism,” the IDF said.

However, minutes before 5:00 p.m., the IDF announced that all restrictions on movement were lifted and the roads were reopened.

The Iran-backed Hezbollah terrorist group threatened last week they would carry out a revenge attack after a Hezbollah fighter was killed in Syria in an airstrike attributed by foreign sources to Israel.

On Monday, the Israeli news site Walla reported that Hezbollah had called off an attack at the last minute after the IDF sent reinforcements to the northern border. The IDF noted at the time that the threat had not disappeared.

Over the weekend, Israel sent a message via the UN to the Lebanese government, warning that any action from Lebanese soil against Israel would be considered a severe border violation and Israel would retaliate in kind.

Earlier Monday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Hezbollah and its Iranian sponsors against attacking Israel.

“We are constantly monitoring what is happening on our northern border. When I say ‘we’, that means myself, the Defense Minister, the Chief-of-Staff – all of us together,” Netanyahu said.

“Our policy is clear. First, we will not allow Iran to entrench militarily on our border with Syria. This is the policy that I set years ago; we uphold it consistently.

“Second, Lebanon and Hezbollah will bear the responsibility for any attack against us emanating from Lebanese territory. Third, the IDF is prepared for any scenario. We are active in all arenas for the security of Israel – both close to our borders and far from them.”








事件发生在当地时间下午 3 点左右,军方命令上加利利地区的所有居民待在室内,等待进一步通知。以色列国防军说:“禁止在空地上进行一切活动,包括农业劳动、旅游胜地和旅游业。”。

然而,在下午 5 点前几分钟,以色列国防军宣布解除所有行动限制,重新开放道路。


星期一,以色列新闻网站 Walla 报道说,以色列国防军向北部边境派遣增援部队后,真主党在最后一分钟取消了一次袭击。以色列国防军当时指出,威胁并没有消失。



“我们一直在监视我们北部边境发生的事情。内塔尼亚胡说:“当我说‘我们’时,这意味着我自己、国防部长、参谋长 – 我们所有人都在一起。”。





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