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Worship, Prayer & Fasting – 2 August 2020

Worship, Prayer & Fasting – 2 August 2020





















Dear Brothers and Sisters

We have all been very concerned with COVID resurgence in Victoria. As the Prime Minister Scott Morrison said recently, “We are all Victorians”. What has been happening in Victoria could happen anywhere.

We are all in this together and we need to stand with each other in the challenges we face.

The team at the National Day of Prayer & Fasting are excited to call a National Day of Worship, Prayer & Fasting for an end to the Pandemic on Sunday 2 August 2020.

The inspiration for this crucial prayer call comes from Bishop Philip Huggins and the NCCA ( National Council of Churches of Australia ) who are calling for a National Day of Prayer regarding the Pandemic on Sunday 2 August 2020.

Sue Tinworth from Partners in Prayer and other Victorian intercessors and the many intercessors who have been standing with them in prayer through the month of July also gave inspiration to have such a day. We believe their prayers birthed this national day of prayer.

A prayer consultation was held last Friday with Victorian intercessors including, Andrew Scarborough, Rebekah Milne and Sue Tinworth. Hilda Samuel from the Jesuran Healing Centre coordinated the prayer call. Several key prayer leaders such as Jenny Jack and others were on the call. At that meeting Anglican Bishop Philip Huggins, President of the NCCA, shared his dream for united prayer.

Jenny Jack from Arrow House of Prayer, along with others, was keen to see repentance included in the prayer call. Sue Tinworth suggested we give worship pre-eminence in the prayer call. The Father is seeking worshippers who will worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.

The proposal for a National Day of Worship, Prayer & Fasting for the Pandemic on Sunday 2 August 2020 was taken back to the National Day of Prayer & Fasting team and was unanimously agreed upon.

We have included the need for repentance in the first prayer point which is a key part of 2 Chronicles 7:14. (Please see prayer points in the poster below)


In order to facilitate the National Day of Worship, Prayer & Fasting on Sunday 2 August 2020 we invite you to a time of prayer on 11AM AEST Zoom Prayer Call Tuesday 28 July to pray for its success.

We also want to intercede for Victoria at this time.

TIME: 11AM AEST Tuesday 28 July 2020


ZOOM MEETING ID: 603-803-5400

Please come on the Zoom call this Tuesday morning at 11AM if you are able.

We commend this crucial prayer call, this coming Sunday 2 August, to you so that we can all unite and pray for an end to the Pandemic.

Yes it is all very short notice but it is better to pray sooner rather than later. We congratulate the NCCA for moving quickly and not delaying and for Hilda Samuel for her leadership!

Please pass it on to your friends and your networks as we together fast track the process of calling our nation to prayer on 2 August 2020 for an end for the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Yours for our Nation

Warwick Marsh & Commissioner James Condon

National Day of Prayer & Fasting

Mobile: 61 418 225 212

Office: 61 2 4272 9100

PO Box 378

Unanderra NSW 2526



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