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Israeli Campaign Succeeds; 30 BDS-linked Accounts with Ties to Terror Closed in US, Europe

United with Israel

Conducted together with pro-Israel organizations, the campaign showed direct ties between BDS-promoting organizations and terrorist groups or operatives.

By Aryeh Savir, TPS

Israel has been successful in an economic campaign it launched against BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) promoting organizations with ties to terrorism, which led to the closing down of 30 accounts over the past two years, the Ministry of Strategic Affairs revealed Monday.

The campaign, conducted together with pro-Israel organizations, exposed direct ties shared between the BDS-promoting organizations and terrorist groups or operatives. Ten of the accounts were closed in the US and 20 in European countries.

Following the release of an MSA report in February  titled “Terrorists in Suits”, which revealed the ties between terror groups such as Hamas, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) and organizations promoting anti-Israel boycotts, financial entities around the world have closed accounts associated with the organizations, significantly curtailing the influx of funds they receive.

Most recently, three accounts belonging to Samidoun were closed. The organization’s two representatives in Europe, Mustafa Awad and Muhammad Khatib, are both members of a terrorist group.

Awad was recently released from Israeli prison for his involvement in several terrorist organizations, including the PFLP, and for receiving training from the Iranian terrorist group Hezbollah.

Samidoun publicly responded to the closure of its accounts, accusing the Ministry of Strategic Affairs of hunting its organization and members.

The Ministry of Strategic Affairs notes that the closure of the accounts has disrupted Samidoun’s ability to carry out its activities and has significantly harmed their fundraising efforts. The organization admitted that the exposure of their connections to terrorist groups constitutes “one of its most significant threats.”

Other organizations impacted by the Israeli campaign include the BDS National Committee (BNC), the Ramallah-based leader of global boycott movements against Israel which consists of 28 Palestinian boycott groups, Al Haq, and Interpal.

‘Human Rights Activists’

Minister of Strategic Affairs Gilad Erdan stated that “for years, boycott promoters have disguised themselves as ‘human rights activists’, managing to raise tens of millions of euros from Western countries and citizens who thought they were contributing to causes supporting justice and equality.”

However, Israel exposed that the “supposed ‘human rights’ NGOs are in reality, filled with anti-Semitic operatives with deep ties to terrorist groups fixated on destroying the State of Israel,” he said.

As a result of Israel’s actions, countries and financial institutions are now distancing themselves from these organizations.

“Our efforts have drastically undermined the boycott campaign, leading to it having much less finances to operate, and barred from receiving financial services,” he concluded.


作者:Aryeh Savir,TPS




最近,属于Samidoun的三个账户被关闭。该组织在欧洲的两名代表Mustafa Awad和Muhammad Khatib都是恐怖组织的成员。




受以色列战役影响的其他组织包括BDS全国委员会(BNC),这是总部设在拉马拉的反对以色列的全球抵制运动领导人,该组织由28个巴勒斯坦抵制组织Al Haq和Interpal组成。






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