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Danon’s UN Speech on Jews’ Biblical Rights to Land of Israel Goes Viral

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Israel’s UN Ambassador Danny Danon addressed the Security Council on the Jewish People’s rights to the Land of Israel, reading from the bible and recounting 2,000 years of history to make his case.

On April 29, Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon, in an address to the UN Security Council, read from the bible and discussed 2,000 years of Jewish history to prove that the Land of Israel belongs to the Jewish People.

For example, Danon referred to the area of Judea (part of the socalled West Bank), reminding the audience that it was named for the largest of the 12 biblical tribes of Israel – Judah – and that the word “Jew” is derived from “Judah.”

In the year 70 CE, Danon noted, the Romans captured Jerusalem, destroyed the Holy Temple and renamed the area Syria-Palaestina in an effort to erase Jewish history. He then went on to discuss Israel’s legal rights based on modern history.

The speech was a hit and was translated into Spanish, Polish, French, Portuguese and Turkish, The Jerusalem Post reported.

Last week, on Israel’s Independence Day, Danon discussed the speech and reiterated the Jewish state’s historical and moral claims to the country, the Post said.

Of course, the Palestinians denounced the speech as they continue to spew their lies. But we know the truth!

以色列联合国大使Danny Danon向安理会发表了关于犹太人民对以色列土地的权利的讲话,从圣经中读取并叙述了2000年的历史,以表明他的观点。

4月29日,以色列驻联合国大使Danny Danon在联合国安理会的讲话中读到了圣经,并讨论了2000年的犹太历史,以证明以色列的土地属于犹太人民。

例如,Danon提到了犹太地区(所谓的西岸的一部分),提醒听众它是以以色列的12个圣经部落中最大的部分命名的 – 犹大 – 并且“犹太人”这个词来源于“犹大“。

在公元70年,达农指出,罗马人占领了耶路撒冷,摧毁了圣殿并重新命名叙利亚 – 帕拉斯蒂娜地区,以消除犹太人的历史。然后他继续根据现代历史讨论以色列的合法权利。





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