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Brain Cancer Breakthrough at Hebrew U; Israel Makes Major Progress with Alzheimer’s; Much More!

United with Israel

New molecule discovered at Hebrew U kills brain cancer; Sheba hospital links Alzheimer’s with retina function; Israel’s Sweetch partners with US-based WellSpan Health to tackle diabetes, and much more!

By Michael Ordman

New molecule kills brain cancer cells
Hebrew University of Jerusalem scientists have developed a molecule to treat glioblastoma, a very aggressive type of brain cancer. The molecule blocks the ability of the MKNK2 gene to produce Mnk2b – a cancer-causing protein but increases the levels of Mnk2a – an inhibitor protein.

Seeing early Alzheimer’s, before symptoms appear
I’ve reported previously (see here) that Israeli researchers at Sheba hospital have linked Alzheimer’s disease with loss of retina function. They have now found that in those with a family history of Alzheimer’s, the inner layer of the retina is thinner than usual.

Major partnership to prevent diabetes
I reported previously (Apr 2016) on Israel’s Sweetch and its system for detecting pre-diabetics. Sweetch is partnering with US-based WellSpan Health, providing its 15,000 employees with “the tool we have been looking for to augment our wellness assessment program”.

AIDS / cancer treatment success & goes into production
Following successful human trials, Israel’s Zion Medical is to build a biotechnology plant to manufacture its “Gammora” AIDS / cancer treatment. Gammora (see here) eliminates HIV virus-infected cells – not the virus – preventing development of resistance.

Destroys tumors in weeks
I reported previously (9th Sep) on Israel’s Alpha Tau’s radiation emitters starting trials in the USA. Trials have also been launched at two centers in Rome, Italy. But I should have mentioned that 70% of patients in earlier Israeli and Italian studies saw their tumors disappear in just a few weeks.

Shape-shifting pills for better targeted treatments
3D-printing is relevant even in the medical industry. Hebrew University of Jerusalem scientists have engineered capsules from a hydrogel that can change shape upon various conditions. E.g. to release medication only in the intestines, or to expand to fill the stomach.

Breathtaking technology
I reported previously (see here) on Israeli innovations that can detect illness by analyzing someone’s voice. Israeli startup HealthyMize (see here) has just won $75 million in the Henry Ford Health System’s “Increasing Patient and Caregiver Engagement to Reduce Readmission” Challenge.

More about finding cancer treatment trial
I reported recently (21st Oct) on Israel’s TrailJectory which helps match cancer patients with clinical trials appropriate to their condition. I believe the subject to be so important that I’m publishing another recent article about this innovative startup. It could save someone’s life.,7340,L-3749045,00.html

Why Israelis live longer
If the previous medical articles haven’t given you the answer, this article might. Then click the link (here) to see the youtube or (here) Facebook video “Nas Daily meets United Hatzalah”.

Just a day in the lives of Hadassah medics
When 7-year-old Elisha Alush collapsed in the Judean desert, paramedics rushed him to Jerusalem’s Hadassah hospital. They realized he had been stung, but by what? They guessed a scorpion and the antidote worked. Had it been a Black Widow spider, it may have been too late.

在希伯来大学发现的新分子可以杀死脑癌; Sheba医院将阿尔茨海默氏症与视网膜功能联系起来;以色列的Sweetch与美国WellSpan Health公司合作解决糖尿病等问题!


耶路撒冷希伯来大学的科学家们开发出一种治疗胶质母细胞瘤的分子,这是一种非常具有攻击性的脑癌。该分子阻断MKNK2基因产生Mnk2b的能力 – Mnk2b是一种致癌蛋白,但会增加Mnk2a的水平 – 一种抑制蛋白。


我之前(2016年4月)报道了以色列的Sweetch及其用于检测糖尿病前期的系统。 Sweetch与美国的WellSpan Health合作,为其15,000名员工提供“我们一直在寻找的工具,以增强我们的健康评估计划”。 /十一分之二千零十八/糖尿病以色列sweetch健康/

在成功进行人体试验后,以色列的Zion Medical将建立一个生物技术工厂,以制造其“Gammora”艾滋病/癌症治疗。 Gammora(见此处)消除了HIV病毒感染的细胞 – 而非病毒 – 阻止了抗药性的发展。

我之前(9月9日)报道了以色列Alpha Tau的辐射发射器在美国开始试验。在意大利罗马的两个中心也开展了试验。但我应该提到,早期以色列和意大利研究中70%的患者在短短几周内看到他们的肿瘤就消失了。




如果以前的医学文章没有给你答案,本文可能会。然后点击链接(这里)查看youtube或(这里)Facebook视频“Nas Daily Meet United Hatzalah”。

当7岁的Elisha Alush在朱迪亚沙漠中倒塌时,护理人员将他送往耶路撒冷的Hadassah医院。他们意识到自己被蜇了,但是通过什么?他们猜到了蝎子和解毒剂。如果它是黑寡妇蜘蛛,可能为时已晚。


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