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Argentina’s chief rabbi badly beaten in home invasion

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The assailants reportedly said that they knew they were attacking the chief rabbi.

By World Israel News staff

Argentina’s Chief Rabbi Gabriel Davidovich was assaulted in his home in the capital of Buenos Aires in the early hours of Monday morning and has been hospitalized with serious injuries, according to the AMIA Jewish community center.

AMIA issued a statement on Monday saying that Davidovich was “beaten and savagely attacked.” Unknown individuals broke into his home at 2 A.M., entering through the roof, and said to him that they knew he was the AMIA rabbi, according to media reports. Davidovich was reported to have suffered nine fractured ribs and a punctured lung and remains hospitalized.

He has served as Argentina’s chief rabbi since 2013.

AMIA described the attack as “alarming” and called on the authorities to quickly investigate the attack on Davidovich and his wife.

According to the media reports, Davidovich’s wife was tied up by the attackers, who then took money and belongings from the home before fleeing.

Police were investigating the crime as a robbery, said the La Nacion daily.

Argentina is home to some 200,000 Jews, most of them in Buenos Aires.

Top Israeli officials reacted to the attack. “We must not allow anti-Semitism to raise its head. I strongly condemn recent anti-Semitic incidents and call on the international community to act against it,” said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“Today the leaders of the world in Europe, in South America, [and] all over are failing in their responsibility to learn the lessons of the past,” said Diaspora Affairs Minister Naftali Bennett. “But unlike the past, today we have Israel, and every Jew around the world must know they have a home here; we are waiting,” he added.

Chairman of the Jewish Agency Isaac Herzog condemned the attack and said that “we must fight to the end the human garbage who’s source and motives are the hatred of Jew.” He vowed that the Jewish Agency would help lead the fight against global anti-Semitism.







La Nacion日报称,警方正在调查该罪行是一起抢劫案。


以色列高级官员对袭击作出了反应。 “我们绝不能让反犹太主义抬起头来。我强烈谴责最近发生的反犹太主义事件,并呼吁国际社会采取行动,“总理本雅明内塔尼亚胡说。

“今天,欧洲,南美洲,以及全世界的领导人都没有尽力承担过去的教训,”散居事务部长Naftali Bennett说。 “但不像过去,今天我们有以色列,世界上每个犹太人都必须知道他们在这里有一个家;我们在等,“他补充说。



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