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Holiday Trip in Semester Break (mid July)

The following message is sent by CCMChurch Webmaster on behalf of Miao Sheng.

Hello, 大家好,

You and your friends are all welcomed to our trip.

Now we have got several attractions for you to choose (see the attachment): Kangaroo Valley, Southern highlights, Blue mountain.

The dates for the trip could be weekends(Fri&Sat) in July.

If you are interested in that, Pls tell me your preference destination and dates and we could manage accommodation and transport.


缪 盛

Please leave all your opinions and discussions by replying the message, the the organiser will work out the best place to go.


3 comments to Holiday Trip in Semester Break (mid July)

  • Changlong

    Thank you Miao Sheng, personally I prefer blue mountain, and I am available on 9, 10 July.



  • wenjin

    Hi Miao Sheng,

    Thanks for arranging the holiday trip 😉

    We’d like to join in. I perfer Kangaroo valley, but i don’t mind any of the places. There are all good placces to go.

    The 9th,10th of July sounds good to me.

    with regards,

  • Hi Wenjin This was a post from last year. We have not proposed any trip plan this year.

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