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WATCH: IDF Vows to Prevent Hezbollah Underwater Incursions

When the time comes, Hezbollah fighters will be ready to penetrate the Galilee, “and they can do it by sea,” the terror group’s leader Hassan Nasrallah declared.

The IDF constantly prepares for all kinds terrorist attacks, including land and sea infiltrations. In December, the army launched Operation Northern Shield after exposing a Hezbollah attack tunnel running from Lebanon into Israel. Most recently, the IDF destroyed a fifth tunnel.

Thanks to the counterterrorism measures implemented by the navy, civilians can continue to enjoy underwater activities such as at Rosh Hanikra, which borders Lebanon, despite threats by Hezbollah to penetrate northern Israel.


以色列国防军不断为各种恐怖袭击做准备,包括陆地和海洋的渗透。 12月,在揭露从黎巴嫩进入以色列的真主党攻击隧道后,军队展开了北盾行动。 最近,以色列国防军摧毁了第五条隧道。

由于海军采取了反恐措施,平民可以继续享受水下活动,例如在黎巴嫩边境的Rosh Hanikra,尽管真主党威胁要穿透以色列北部。


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