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Prayer Points

It’s that time of year – the time when we reflect on the last 12 months, for better or worse, and begin to look ahead to the next. As 2018 ends and we reflect on the year’s headlines, we see highs (such as the U.S. embassy’s move to Jerusalem) and, sadly, low points as well (including the horrific anti-Semitic killings in Pittsburgh).


Looking at our own lives, each of us can also see the highs and lows of the year gone by. As we stand on the threshold of 2019, let’s stir our faith to look ahead with hope and, like David, encourage ourselves in the Lord.


Here at Jewish Voice, we are paving the way to 2019 with prayer. Will you join us?


Please pray for:

  • The Lord’s plans and purposes to be fulfilled in Israel and, specifically, in Jerusalem
  • The protection and salvation of Jewish people around the world
  • Jewish Voice as we continue to pursue God’s heart by proclaiming the Gospel, growing the Messianic community, and engaging the Church concerning Israel and the Jewish people
  • Steadfastness in carrying out the specific plans the Lord has called us to
  • Discernment, innovation and resources to follow Him in whatever new initiatives and locations He may present
  • Our Global Outreach team as we seek the Lord for His will and timing and as we go through the doors He opens
  • The entire ministry ‒ for health, refreshment and stamina enabling us to remain faithful and see eternal results and lasting fruit
  • Our many partners like you who join us through financial support, faithful intercession and serving with us in taking Yeshua’s (Jesus’) Good News to the Jewish people and their neighbors

Let’s pray:

Father, 2018 has held opportunities and challenges we couldn’t have predicted a year ago. Through it all, You have been faithful. Enable us to move forward in trust, knowing that You will perfect that which concerns us and complete in and through us the work You have set out to do. All glory belongs to You, Lord. Our lives, the times in which we live and the work of our hands are safely in Yours. In Yeshua’s name, Amen.


这是一年中的那个时候 – 我们反思过去12个月的时间,无论好坏,并开始展望未来。随着2018年的结束,我们反思当年的头条新闻,我们看到了高点(例如美国大使馆搬到耶路撒冷),可悲的是,还有低点(包括匹兹堡可怕的反犹太人杀戮)。




整个事工 – 为了健康,茶点和耐力,使我们能够保持忠诚,看到永恒的结果和持久的成果


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