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Netanyahu: Israel’s ‘long arm’ will reach every terrorist

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Netanyahu praised the Israeli security forces for liquidating the terrorist responsible for killing two Israelis at the Barkan Industrial Park on October 7, and for capturing the terrorists involved in the Ofra shooting.

By World Israel News Staff

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised the Israeli security forces for liquidating the terrorist responsible for killing two Israelis and wounding a third at the Barkan Industrial Park on October 7, Maariv reports.

“I praise the Shin Bet, the IDF and the Yamam [Israel’s counter-terrorism unit] for their impressive actions that led to the identification and liquidation of the lowly terrorist from the attack in Barkan,” Netanyahu, who is also acting as defense minister, said. “Israel’s long hand will reach anyone who harms Israeli citizens.”

It took two months, but Israel finally got their man. Ashraf Na’alowa, a 23-year-old Palestinian terrorist, died in a a shoot-out with Israeli security forces in the city of Nablus, Wednesday night. Security forces said they had passed close by his hiding place several times during their months-long sweeps but had just missed him.

Na’alowa had killed Kim Levongrand-Yehezkel, 28, who left behind a husband and 18-month-old son, and Ziv Hajabi, 35, a father of three, at the Alon Metal factory at the Barkan industrial zone, where thousand of Jews and Arabs work together and which has largely been free of terrorism. Na’alowa also shot and seriously injured a third person, a 54-year-old woman, in the attack.

The prime minister also thanked the Israel Defense Forces for capturing the terrorists responsible for the shooting at the hitch-hiking station near the town of Ofra in Samaria on Sunday, Dec. 9. A 21-year-old pregnant woman, Shira Ish-Ran, wounded in the attack, lost her baby after undergoing an emergency C-section. She is expected to recover.

Erdan praises success

The Minister of Public Security, Gilad Erdan, also praised the security forces on their success. Erdan thanked “the Israel Police and the Shin Bet security service who closed the account tonight with the despicable terrorist who murdered Kim and Ziv and also for liquidating the terrorist involved in the Ofra shooting.”

“It was another night in which the citizens of Israel were witness to the operational activity of Israel’s heroic police, who stand guard day and night. I am proud of them and salute them. Thanks from the bottom of the heart,” he said, according to the Maariv report.

Other ministers praised the operations as well.

Yair Lapid, of the opposition party Yesh Atid, tweeted, “Security forces eliminated tonight the despicable terrorist who murdered Kim Yezhekel-Levongrand and Ziv Hajbi in the attack in Barkan. Every terrorist should know that the hand of the IDF will reach them in every place.”




“我赞扬了Shin Bet,以色列国防军和Yamam [以色列的反恐部队],他们采取了令人印象深刻的行动,导致在巴尔坎袭击事件中查明并清除了卑微的恐怖分子,”内塔尼亚胡也担任国防部长, 说过。 “以色列的长手将触及任何伤害以色列公民的人。”


Na’alowa杀害了28岁的Kim Levongrand-Yehezkel,他在Barkan工业区的Alon Metal工厂杀死了一位丈夫和18个月大的儿子,以及35岁的三个孩子的父亲Ziv Hajabi。犹太人和阿拉伯人一起工作,基本上没有恐怖主义。 Na’alowa在袭击事件中还枪击并严重伤害了第三人,一名54岁的女子。

总理还感谢以色列国防军于12月9日星期日捕获负责在撒马利亚Ofra镇附近的搭便车站射击的恐怖分子。一名21岁的孕妇,Shira Ish-Ran在袭击中受伤,在经历紧急剖腹产后失去了她的孩子。预计她会康复。


公安部长吉拉德·埃尔丹也对安全部队的成功表示赞赏。 Erdan感谢“以色列警方和Shin Bet安全部门今晚关闭了该帐户,这名恐怖分子谋杀了金和Ziv,还清理了参与Ofra枪击事件的恐怖分子。”



反对党Yesh Atid的Yair Lapid发推文说:“安全部队今晚消灭了在Barkan袭击事件中谋杀Kim Yezhekel-Levongrand和Ziv Hajbi的卑鄙恐怖分子。每个恐怖分子都应该知道,以色列国防军的手将在每个地方到达。“


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