Most of you know Irwin and Jill Ross. They wanted to share an exciting adventure that they are undertaking at the end of this year, for approximately four weeks. As some of you would already know, Irwin and Jill have volunteered their sevices once yearly for the past 15 or so years, travelling to Russia to work with children both in their summer camps and also with orphanages. During the course of their volunteer work, they have come across two families in Vladivostok who have adopted 19 and 17 childen respectively. Both families live in 2-bedroom apartments, and in combination with many other Christians around the world, Irwin and Jill have been busy raising funds to build both these families’ homes to live in. It was Irwin and Jill’s intention to travel back to Vladivostok during mid-2011 (Russian summer) to install the kitchen that Irwin designed for one of the families (pictured), as well as doing their normal children’s camp work. Well, it appears that they received an urgent phone call last week to say that the family has just recently sold their 2-bedroom apartment, the home has been built for them is almost ready to move into, and could Irwin and Jill take on the challenge of coming to a Russian winter and build and install the kitchen fo them. Naturally, they have said yes. So at the moment, Irwin and Jill are extremely busy taking on extra work after hours to raise money to not only travel Russia earlier than expected, but also to volunteer to install this huge kitchen for this very large family.

One of the ways that they have thought of to earn fast money is to sell chocalates. If you would like to contribute financially at all to this project, or to buy their yummy chocolates, their contact details are below.

Irwin and Jill Ross

14 Hudson Street


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