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时间:9月11日 上午9:00

地点:Church of Christ 教会

管理分配:湘宁,菁华,玉婷,Kiki, Cindy



Kitchen hand: 李亮,何洁,长隆….


在定完价格后,请寄给我,我来制作poster,or anybody can help me?


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  • by Yu-ting

    Hello Xiang Ning,

    Yesterday Changlong mentioned that they are going to buy stuff for the Church Fete etc. I said I don’t need you guys to buy anything for me, except for takeaway boxes for the fried rice etc. Just wanting to clarify that I will be cooking the fried rice at home, so you guys will need to think about getting those takeaway containers. I will also be making the dough for “kai kou xiao” at home, but I will need normal vegetable oil for deep frying and perhaps small brown sandwich paper bags to put the cooked “kai kou xiao” in to sell to ppl.

    On the day, I will need someone to help me to deep fry the kai kou xiao.


    Yu-Ting Ly

    Requests: Oil, Take Away containers, Paper bags…

  • Chang Yong Ting

    Dear Xiang Ning,

    I would like to help as well on that day or if there are anything that needed to be done before that, just let me know so i can be of help.

    I am happy to be placed to help Yu Ting or any other places that need my help.

    Best wishes,
    Chang Yong

  • Cindy


  • jinghua

    Hi Chonglong;
    价格到时只要手写一下就可以了。原来我们卖绞子(3 for $1). Drink $2/each can. 春卷$1 each. fried rice in takeway box $3.5/each- $5/each.

  • Yinan

    Sorry, guys, I may not be able to come to join you as I will have teaching on Saturday. I have only been told to call my previous landlord reminding him to prepare for the lunch-boxes for the food. Is there anything else I could help though?

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