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12 August 每日灵粮 — 抵挡试探3 Resisting Temptation 3

六 有的人是在皈依主的起头遭受试探,还有的人却是在生命的后半截才遇着。更有些几乎一生都在试探之中,有的人所受的却很轻微。上帝凭着他的智慧与公义,衡量各人的情形所应得到,安排万事,使其互相效力,叫他所选召的人得益处。

七 所以,当我们为试探所扰的时候不应该绝望灰心,却要更热诚地祷告,求上帝赐给我们力量,帮助我们胜过一切的患难,依照保罗的话,上帝必定要在我们受试探的时候,给我们开一条出路,叫我们忍受得住(林前 10 : 13 )。因此,在一切试探和患难之中,让我们谦卑俯伏在上帝的手下,因为他必要拯救,且将虚心的人升为高。

八 在试探和痛苦之中,一个人的人格可从其所获益处的多寡而得着证明。他所得之益处越多,他的善良的品性就越加明显出来了。假如一个人只是虔诚热心,却丝毫未感到痛苦,这并不是什么了不得的一回事,但是在患难的日子中,他能耐心忍受,那么,他就有希望在恩典上大大地长进。有些人于大试探得蒙保守,却在小事反多失败,这是教他们凡事谦卑,因为他们既在小事上失败,遇着在困难,就决不敢依靠自己了。

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Resisting Temptation 3

Some suffer great temptations in the beginning of their conversion, others toward the end, while some are troubled almost constantly throughout their life. Others, again, are tempted but lightly according to the wisdom and justice of Divine Providence Who weighs the status and merit of each and prepares all for the salvation of His elect.

We should not despair, therefore, when we are tempted, but pray to God the more fervently that He may see fit to help us, for according to the word of Paul, He will make issue with temptation that we may be able to bear it (1 Corinthians 10:13). Let us humble our souls under the hand of God in every trial and temptation for He will save and exalt the humble in spirit.

In temptations and trials the progress of a man is measured; in them opportunity for merit and virtue is made more manifest. When a man is not troubled it is not hard for him to be fervent and devout, but if he bears up patiently in time of adversity, there is hope for great progress. Some, guarded against great temptations, are frequently overcome by small ones in order that, humbled by their weakness in small trials, they may not presume on their own strength in great ones.

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