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11 August 每日灵粮 — 抵挡试探2 Resisting Temptation 2

四 只谋表面枝节的躲避,却不拔除其根本,效果一定极微,不但如此,试探不久还要回来,而且来势比前更为猛烈。慢慢地靠着上帝的帮助,耐心忍受,就要比用自己的力量和不安的心境,更容易得到胜利。 在试探之中,要常找人指教,对于在试探之中的人,切勿加以责备,却应予以安慰,正如你在受试探之中,愿意人家这样待你一样。

五 一切的罪恶试探都是起源于我们缺少恒心和对上帝缺少信心。一条无舵的船被波浪到处抛掷,照样,不谨慎持守和离开目的的人,就要多方受诱惑。火以炼铁,试探以炼义人。我们常常不知道我们能做什么,但是试探却指示出我们是怎样的一个人。我们必须儆醒,尤其是在初受试探的时候,因为当试探刚来的时候,我们易于击退敌人。假如我们不让它跨进心门,却在它初次敲门的一刹那,将它挡于门外。有人说过,诊病应从最初始,因养痈遗患,事后的救药必定为时已晚。因为最初只是心中的一个邪念,继则加以想象,复继以愉快的感觉和作恶的动机,最终就顺从于行动了。因此我们的敌人得以得寸进尺地完全占领我们的心,都是因为我们没有抗拒于最初。一个人越久不事抵抗,他就要一天比一天越趋软弱,而敌人也就一天比一天更加强壮了。

English Version:

Resisting Temptation 2

The man who only shuns temptations outwardly and does not uproot them will make little progress; indeed they will quickly return, more violent than before.
Little by little, in patience and long-suffering you will overcome them, by the help of God rather than by severity and your own rash ways. Often take counsel when tempted; and do not be harsh with others who are tempted, but console them as you yourself would wish to be consoled.

The beginning of all temptation lies in a wavering mind and little trust in God, for as a rudderless ship is driven hither and yon by waves, so a careless and irresolute man is tempted in many ways. Fire tempers iron and temptation steels the just. Often we do not know what we can stand, but temptation shows us what we are. Above all, we must be especially alert against the beginnings of temptation, for the enemy is more easily conquered if he is refused admittance to the mind and is met beyond the threshold when he knocks. Someone has said very aptly: “Resist the beginnings; remedies come too late, when by long delay the evil has gained strength.” First, a mere thought comes to mind, then strong imagination, followed by pleasure, evil delight, and consent. Thus, because he is not resisted in the beginning, Satan gains full entry. And the longer a man delays in resisting, so much the weaker does he become each day, while the strength of the enemy grows against him.


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