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李亮弟兄的生日感言 — To My parents and all my friends

To My parents and all my friends,

Haha~~I know today will come, slowly and quietly.

Be 27…a number but also means a truth, it reminds me that I cannot be a child forever.

Is this means a burden of responsibility or I am already in the half way of my Whole life?

Maybe it does not matter to me.

The truth make me gradually distinct with the purity and excitement  as a kid, but from deep of our heart we know that we were  all kids

and one day we may also know, we can be kids again holding a curious heart to explore this mystical world surround us and even beyond us.

I don’t want celebrate this day, for me; because there is no excuse to celebrate it.

But just want thanks for my parents, thank their understanding, even after I made many childish mistakes

and they still love me and forgive me.

Thanks for all my friends, without you, I could be only staying in the valley of misery,

I could not having so many smiling faces and beautiful time in my life.

Thanks for the hand and hope you gave to me.

So many things I need thanks for, even I don’t even have one chance to give them back.

I don’t give any promise in my future, but I know what should I do in the current…

Bless to you all, wish you will find your own true happiness and the peace and joy!

Liang Li

In the office of Act Health


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11 comments to 李亮弟兄的生日感言 — To My parents and all my friends

  • Brother Liliang please give me the permission to share your blog entry with others, since I was really touched by what you have written.

    I thank God for giving you such a grateful heart and
    I give thanks to God for bringing you to us; you are such a blessing to us.

    Sorry for the late blessing,

    Happy Birthday
    You are very special
    And you deserve the best
    I wish you a wonderful life
    Filled with love and happiness by GOD
    And Please keep in mind that God always love you.

  • liang

    Thanks for your comments, I am not that really good…
    but I am happy you like it, it was written for my parents and friends, you certainly can post it.
    There is no Late or Early Blessing, Thanks.

  • Li Fang

    Dear Li Liang

    You are special that because God create every one is different.

    You had very kind heart and always kindly to others.

    May God using you and with so many Blessing!

  • ivan



  • hi,ivan 我全部是在这里申请的 需要教会的商业注册号才能申请到com.au的域名。我不知道哪里有免费的,可以帮你留意一下。长隆

  • ivan


  • Liang

    Ha~ivan, Hope you have a greet life whereever and whenever you are!

  • Hi, Alvin 这个是我弄的另外一个网页。你可以参考一下,这个是用joomla做的,你可能喜欢这种看起来fashion and Fancy的风格。

  • kiki

    Happy Birthday! Tu di!!
    You did this during your working time!!! Not good!!
    In the office of Ray White. 06/08/10 

  • Yu-Ting

    Thank you for reminding us to be thankful always.

  • Jimmy


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