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Iraqi activist: ‘Israel will liberate Tehran before Iran liberates Jerusalem’

Iraqi opposition member slams Iranian excuse of ‘Palestine’ to recruit Iraqi youth just like ISIS does.

By Paul Shindman, World Israel News

An Iraqi opposition member leveled harsh criticism against Iranian intervention in his country, saying Iran is just like ISIS in trying to recruit Iraqi youngsters to its cause.

In a fiery debate aired recently on the Iraqi Kurdish television station Zagros TV, a former Iranian diplomat was assailed by Iraqi Sunni opposition activist Mustafa Al-Dulaimi, who said Iran’s presence in Iraq was “evil.”

“All I care about is my country. Iran can go and take away its evil. I don’t care about it. I care about my country,” Al-Dulaimi said in the TV studio confrontation that was translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), an NGO that monitors media in the region and translates it into English to reveal what is not normally heard in the West.

The Sheikh slammed Iran over its attempts to recruit Iraqis in its longstanding goal of destroying Israel, including its annual “Al-Quds” (the Arabic name for Jerusalem) march, saying Iran was no different than ISIS.

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“From 1979 and to this day, Iran has been giving us a headache about Israel, the Al-Quds Army [sic], and about how they are going to liberate… Israel is going to liberate Tehran before you liberate [Palestine],” Al-Dulaimi said, referring to the Iranian army’s “Al-Quds” [the Arabic name for Jerusalem] Force, which Iran has said would lead the battle to destroy Israel and liberate Jerusalem.

“Go liberate Palestine! Leave us alone for awhile. Enough. Your nonsense is not working anymore,” Al-Dulaimi told former Iranian diplomat Amir Mousavi, who was arguing on behalf Iran, claiming that it was Israel that invented Islamic terror.

“You [Iraqi opposition members] stand in our way… You are obstacles blocking the way to the liberation of Palestine. Israel invented you for the purpose of safeguarding its security. Israel invented you, ISIS, the Ba’ath Party, and other obedient [servants] in order to ensure its security. You are an obstacle blocking the path to the liberation of Palestine,” Mousavi said.

Al-Dulaimi fired back, saying Iran was waging a war of words against Israel to try and fool young Iraqis into following the ayatollahs in Tehran.

“Everything is clear now for everyone to see. It has become clear that Iran was talking in slogans – only empty words without [any intention] to implement them – in order to recruit poor youngsters. Iran does not differ from ISIS in its methods for recruiting youngsters,” Al-Dulaimi said.


保罗·辛德曼(Paul Shindman),《世界以色列新闻》


在最近在伊拉克库尔德电视台Zagros电视台进行的激烈辩论中,一名前伊朗外交官遭到伊拉克逊尼派反对派激进分子穆斯塔法·杜莱米(Mustafa Al-Dulaimi)的袭击,他说伊朗在伊拉克​​的存在是“邪恶的”。

“我只关心我的国家。伊朗可以走开它的邪恶。我不在乎。我关心我的国家,” Al-Dulaimi在由中东媒体研究所(MEMRI)翻译的电视演播室对抗中说,该组织是非政府组织,负责监视该地区的媒体并将其翻译成英文以揭示通常听不到的声音在西方。



“从1979年至今,伊朗一直让我们头疼以色列,圣城军,以及他们将如何解放……以色列将在解放[巴勒斯坦]之前解放德黑兰,” Al-Dulaimi说,他指的是伊朗军队的“ Al-Quds”(耶路撒冷的阿拉伯名字)部队,伊朗曾说过这将领导消灭以色列和解放耶路撒冷的战斗。

“解放巴勒斯坦!让我们一个人呆一会儿。足够。 Al-Dulaimi告诉伊朗前外交官阿米尔·穆萨维(Amir Mousavi),伊朗代表伊朗在争吵,声称是以色列发明了伊斯兰恐怖活动,胡说八道。



“现在一切都清楚了,所有人都可以看到。显然,伊朗在招募口号-只是空洞而没有[任何意图]实施口号-以招募贫穷的年轻人。伊朗在招募年轻人方面与ISIS并无不同。” Al-Dulaimi说。