praying for persecuted Christians around the world.


Pray that the underground Church will remain hidden in the shadow of His wings; that the Lord will guide those who remain on the move to places of safety.

– Please pray that food and medical supplies will be well resourced; that essential communication will remain open and avoid detection.
– Pray for CFF’s Afghanistan Appeal, and for the much-needed financial support for Christians in Afghanistan to be raised.


On 15 January 2016, Australian missionaries Dr Ken Elliot and his wife Jocelyn were abducted from their home in Djibo, northern Burkina Faso, where they had built and run the only medical clinic in the region.

After a huge outcry from region’s Muslims – who had lost their beloved and only doctor – the militants released Mrs Jocelyn Elliot.

– Please pray for the release of Dr Ken Elliot. Six years have passed and Dr Elliot, now 86-years-old, remains a captive of, and medical slave to, al-Qaeda aligned jihadists based somewhere in northern Mali.


The distraught family of Mahnoor Ashraf (14) requests urgent prayer for the safe return of their daughter, abducted by a married Muslim neighbour. Though under age, she allegedly converted to Islam on the day of her abduction, was ‘married’ to her abductor by an Islamic cleric who falsified her age as 19. Mahnoor and her abductor have both disappeared, and authorities appear unwilling to find them.

– Pray that the Lord would sovereignly intervene to return Mahnoor and all abducted girls to their families.
– Praise the Lord that a court has ruled that Arzoo Fatima is free to return to her Christian home.
– Pray that laws to prohibit abduction, forced conversion and marriage of Christian girls to Muslim men, recently rejected


As atrocities committed by the Burma army continue, please pray that the Lord would extend His mantle of provision and protection over all vulnerable civilians, and over Christian and secular organisations dedicated to providing life-sustaining medical treatment and food aid.

– Pray that the UN Security Council would act to end the bombing of villages, the murder and displacement of innocent people, the destruction of churches, homes and crops;
– that the families of those killed would receive the Lord’s comfort;
– that the wounded would be healed;
– that IDPs would soon return safely to rebuild their communities, free to practise their faith in peace.
– May the military junta and the Tatmadaw be removed, and power transferred to a government dedicated to upholding God-given freedom.