To My parents and all my friends,

Haha~~I know today will come, slowly and quietly.

Be 27…a number but also means a truth, it reminds me that I cannot be a child forever.

Is this means a burden of responsibility or I am already in the half way of my Whole life?

Maybe it does not matter to me.

The truth make me gradually distinct with the purity and excitement  as a kid, but from deep of our heart we know that we were  all kids

and one day we may also know, we can be kids again holding a curious heart to explore this mystical world surround us and even beyond us.

I don’t want celebrate this day, for me; because there is no excuse to celebrate it.

But just want thanks for my parents, thank their understanding, even after I made many childish mistakes

and they still love me and forgive me.

Thanks for all my friends, without you, I could be only staying in the valley of misery,

I could not having so many smiling faces and beautiful time in my life.

Thanks for the hand and hope you gave to me.

So many things I need thanks for, even I don’t even have one chance to give them back.

I don’t give any promise in my future, but I know what should I do in the current…

Bless to you all, wish you will find your own true happiness and the peace and joy!

Liang Li

In the office of Act Health


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