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TEMPLE MOUNT TREASURE: Israel Discovers Rare Coin from Jewish Revolt Against Romans

In honor of the Lag B’Omer holiday this week, the Israel Antiquities Authority announced the discovery of a coin from the Bar-Kochba revolt, which was discovered at the foot of the Temple Mount.

On Monday, the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) revealed its discovery of a highly rare coin dating back to the Bar-Kochba revolt, an epoch during which Jewish rebles mounted an armed offensive against Roman occupiers in the second century of the Common Era.

The coin was discovered during archaeological excavations and bears the inscription “Year Two of the Freedom of Israel,” with the reverse side showing a palm tree and the inscription “Jerusalem.”

“It is possible that a Roman soldier from the Tenth Legion found the coin during one of the battles across the country and brought it to their camp in Jerusalem as a souvenir,” explained the IAA.

为了纪念本周的Lag B’Omer节日,以色列文物管理局宣布在圣殿山脚下发现了一枚来自Bar Kochba起义的硬币。

周一,以色列文物管理局(IAA)公布了它发现的一种极为罕见的硬币,可以追溯到巴尔科赫巴起义(Bar Kochba revolt),在这个时期,犹太人在共同时代的第二个世纪对罗马占领者发动了武装进攻。




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