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Novel Israeli Therapy Takes Aim at Coronavirus

United with Israel

An Israeli company is using placental cells and 3D technology to develop cell therapies to treat coronavirus symptoms.

By United with Israel Staff

The Israeli company Pluristem Therapeutics developing a treatment for COVID-19 (coronavirus), it announced Thursday. Pluristem is using stem cell therapies that do not require genetic or tissue matching to heal patients fighting the potentially deadly illness.

Pluristem is using its patented placenta-derived cell treatment called PLacental eXpanded (PLX), which it hopes can be used to treat the respiratory and inflammatory complications associated with COVID-19.

It appears that PLX cells grown using the company’s three-dimensional expansion technology “may prevent or reverse the dangerous over-activation of the immune system,” reducing the symptoms of the virus, according to a company statement.

“PLX cells may potentially reduce … COVID-19-induced pneumonia and pneumonitis,” the company explained.

“Previous pre-clinical findings of PLX cells revealed significant therapeutic effects in animal studies of pulmonary hypertension, lung fibrosis, acute kidney injury and gastrointestinal injury which are potential complications of the severe COVID-19 infection,” the company added.

The company’s clinical trials on hundreds of patients showed the treatment is safe and may mitigate tissue-damage caused by COVID-19.

“The fact that PLX is available off-the-shelf, combined with our ability to manufacture large scale quantities, is a key advantage in case a large number of patients may need respiratory support,” stated Yaky Yanay, Pluristem Presidet and CEO. “The primary target is to prevent the deterioration of patients towards Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) and sepsis. We intend to start the joint collaboration immediately, with an aim to bringing much needed treatment to a rapidly expanding global health threat.”

Pluristem uses placental cells and three-dimensional (3D) technology to develop cell therapies for conditions such as inflammation, ischemia (inadequate blood supply to organs, especially the heart muscles), muscle injuries, hematological disorders and exposure to radiation.



以色列公司Pluristem Therapeutics Inc.星期四宣布,正在开发COVID-19(冠状病毒)的治疗方法。 Pluristem正在使用不需要遗传或组织匹配即可治愈可能致命疾病的患者的干细胞疗法。

Pluristem正在使用其专利的胎盘来源的细胞疗法PLacental eXpanded(PLX),希望将其用于治疗与COVID-19相关的呼吸系统和炎症性并发症。

根据该公司的声明,使用该公司的三维扩展技术生长的PLX细胞似乎“可以防止或逆转免疫系统的危险过度激活”,从而减轻了病毒的症状。该公司解释说:“ PLX细胞可能潜在地减少……COVID-19诱导的肺炎和肺炎。”

该公司补充说:“ PLX细胞的先前临床前发现表明,在肺动脉高压,肺纤维化,急性肾损伤和胃肠道损伤的动物研究中,它们具有显着的治疗作用,这些都是严重COVID-19感染的潜在并发症。”


Pluristem总裁兼首席执行官Yaky Yanay表示:“ PLX现成可用,加上我们能够批量生产,这是一个关键优势,以防万一大量患者可能需要呼吸支持。” “主要目标是防止患者恶化为急性呼吸窘迫综合征(ARDS)和败血症。我们打算立即开始联合合作,旨在为急速扩大的全球健康威胁带来急需的治疗。”



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