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Book – His Plan ( 5 )

2019 Cindy Liu

His Plan

Spy Out the Land

After receiving the confirmation for the calling, the Mission Supporter needs to spy out the land according to Joshua 2:1 and complete a feasibility study report of the land thoroughly, and to connect with indigenous churches. To achieve this, the Mission Supporter could contact the church network around the world to get in touch with various indigenous churches in different nations. God is moving mightily around the world; He has established His churches in many nations already.

Jesus said to His disciples, “My Father is working until now, and I am working” (John 5:17b ESV). Through the indigenous churches, the Mission Supporter could gain a better understanding of the land.

Being there physically enables them:

  • To feel the real spiritual atmosphere directly—

    was God moving there?

    • To learn about political situation and how to

    utilize the legal system of the nation to protect

    mission work there.

    • To really have a clear perspective on whether

    evangelical activity is legal or not.

    • Learn from the indigenous church how they

    evangelize to their own people.

    • To discover the spiritual and legal covering

    needed for the mission project.

    • To research whether the indigenous churches

    are willing to provide a spiritual covering for

    the mission’s project, etc.

    • To investigate whether the political stability of

    the nation presents an opportunity for mission

    work or not.

    The Mission Supporter’s own intercessor and church need to pray to seek confirmation for God’s timing and detailed instructions to enter the mission field. The indigenous church partners also need to be motivated to intercede and pray for this mission project.

  • This is essential during this period. During this initial trip, the Mission Supporter needs to share the vision openly with the potential indigenous
    church partners, and research carefully the following:

  • • Is God moving in this nation? What kind of spiritual atmosphere this nation is under?
    • Are there any churches in this nation willing to evangelize their own people?
    • Are there any church willing to partner with the Mission Supporter for evangelistic activities in their nation? Who are the potential church partners? Would they be able to provide indigenous evangelists for mission work?
    • Are there any indigenous evangelists available for full time mission work?
    • Are these indigenous evangelists willing to live a sacrificial life to serve others?
    • Are the indigenous people receptive to the gospel?
    • What kind of legal protection and spiritual covering are needed?
    • When is the right time to begin?
    • Which people group in this nation should be reached with the gospel first? Where are they located?

  • • What is the cost of starting a mission project in this nation? Who will carry the costs?
    • How much are the indigenous church partners willing to contribute?
    • Are the newly established churches sustainable spiritually and financially?
    • Is there any political unrest in the nation?
    • What kind of danger or risk is involved if any

Establish Covering

Mission is doing pioneer work to advance the kingdom; it is battling with the enemy in the spiritual realm to take souls that originally belonged to God – but are now deceived and stolen by the enemy – back and returned to God. These activities greatly pleases God but provoke the enemy.

Therefore, it is important to have spiritual covering and legal system protection to shield the indigenous evangelists and the mission project from being attacked by the enemy. There are
two types of coverings that are essential for the indigenous evangelists and the mission project.

Indigenous church spiritual covering for the indigenous evangelists, which is essential. The church is God’s established governing body on earth, they have spiritual power and authority to intercede for the indigenous evangelists and the mission project; they also know how to bind the demonic force over their nation.

The indigenous church can equip their indigenous evangelists with spiritual wisdom and provide their indigenous evangelists with spiritual guidance to avoid any crooked paths and help the indigenous evangelists to establish new churches.Legal protection for the indigenous evangelists and the mission project is also important.

However, this is not to seek local government or government officials’ protection; many Chinese missionaries seem to do that, which is not biblical. Legal protection is established
through the law of the nation; understanding what is legal, what is not legal; learning what one can do and what one cannot do; to gain maximum protection for the mission project and for the indigenous evangelists who live and operate under that legal system. Jesus said
to His disciples, “Listen carefully:

I am sending you out like sheep among wolves; so be wise as serpents, and innocent as doves [have no self-serving agenda]” (Matthew 10:16 AMP). Legal covering also includes
understanding the local banking system, how to transfer foreign missions fund into the nation, what kind of legal entity is needed to be established to channel the mission funds legally.

A good setup gives the Mission Supporter credibility and trustworthiness to partner
with the indigenous churches. It also provides total confidence and security for indigenous evangelists to commit their time for the mission project, knowing their daily living needs are covered, so they can move freely without any concern or financial burden, and enabling them to totally focus on the kingdom work.

It is important to set up the bank account properly to safeguard the mission funds, to make it transparent and accountable to promote mutual responsibility and trust.

For a small mission project, one needs to do everything possible to avoid sending funds to an individual’s personal bank account. One must learn to be a good steward for the kingdom.

When conducting mission in Muslim nations, it is very crucial and in the Mission Supporter’s best interest not to attract local governments or their official’s attention in order to evade undesired political pressure or bribery seeking from the government official.

In many third world nations, the government officials are corrupted; they often seek bribery as means of extra income. Be aware before a person accepts Jesus, he may be very anti-Christ, living under deception and lies, with hatred and animosity towards Christians.
Thus, it is always important to do everything we can to protect the mission’s project. Always rely on God and the leading of the Holy Spirit for protection.


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