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Book – His Plan ( 3 )

2019 Cindy Liu

His Plan

A Broadcaster

Abigail was born in China. She grew up in a twenty-six square-meter room with three brothers. Her parents suffered tremendous financial pressure due to radical changes of cultural revelation within the country.

They were too preoccupied with surviving financially to foster communication as a family
with the children. Times of solitude for her was the norm. She spent most of her childhood quietly thinking at home. She had no playmates or toys.

Her parents couldn’t even afford to send her to kindergarten or buy her stationery. She didn’t learn how to write or draw until she was enrolled in school at eight years of age.

As a child, Abigail witnessed much suffering and misery within her family and neighbors. The sadness of life’s circumstance often overwhelmed her. No one knew the emotions she hid in her heart, but she always observed quietly. Before beginning primary school, she
had witnessed two of her neighbors take their own life. It made her question about life. Why man was born?

What is the purpose of life? Where does man go after death? One day, she looked around the room and became fixated on a wooden dining table. She wondered if the table could live forever.

However, she decided no, it could be broken and burnt. She looked at a tree outside her window and wondered if it could live forever, then realized it, too, could grow old and die.

Death seemed inevitable and that’s when she understood she too was going to die. Immediately, she felt a pain pierce her heart. She had become aware of her own mortality.

She was afraid and could not shake off the pain and fear for days. She didn’t want to live a meaningless life. To be born only to suffer and die. That was a terrible concept. Suddenly, something amazing happened as she looked at the beautiful blue sky and pondered its
destiny, the ever-present character of the sky gave her comfort. She decided, if anything could live forever, it would be the sky for it was always there and unchanging. It was evidence of the existence of eternity.

Just like the Bible says, “For the invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse” (Romans 1:20 KJV).

Abigail’s heart believed at that time that one day, magical things would happen. Eternity would be granted as “a medicine” to those who were uniquely made like her. She felt relief from the pain in her heart. The fear in her evaporated with this new revelation.



When Abigail was seventeen, she overheard a conversation between her eldest brother and mother. Her brother said, “Aunty told me today there is a God, and a Son of God called Jesus Christ.”

When Abigail heard the name of Jesus Christ, she was deeply attracted. She wanted to know more about Jesus. She immediately went to her mom and requested Mom to take her to visit this aunty. Mom was shocked by her request and replied, “Don’t trouble me about this, your aunty has a mental illness.”

Abigail told her mom she didn’t care if Aunty was mad, she just wanted to hear about the Son of God called Jesus Christ. Abigail begged until Mom agreed to take her. However, Mom had one condition—only a five-minute visit and when Mom said time to leave, Abigail must obey and leave immediately.

Abigail agreed. The very next day Mom took Abigail to meet her aunty. Aunty was a middle-aged woman and so welcoming; without even asking Abigail’s name, as if Aunty knew the urgency in time, she immediately asked, “Do you know who Jesus is?”

She didn’t wait for Abigail to reply and began to share, “Jesus is the Son of God, He died for our sins on the cross, and rose again three days later. Now we can have eternal life through Jesus.” Aunty’s eyes sparkled as she spoke.

Abigail couldn’t see any hint of madness in her aunty. Then Aunty waved a little black book at Abigail and asked, “Do you know what this is?” Abigail had no idea.

Aunty said, “This is a Holy Bible which contains all the words that God has spoken.” Abigail tried to reach for the book to look, but Aunty wouldn’t let her take it.

Aunty said, “Oh no, this is very precious. There are only a few Bibles in our country right now. During the cultural revolution, most of the Bibles were destroyed, and this Bible nearly got confiscated.” Aunty said while the “Red Guards” were marching into her house trying to confiscate the Bible, Aunty closed her eyes and prayed in tongues. To her surprise, when she opened her eyes, all the “Red Guards” were running away calling her a “mad woman.”

Upon hearing that, Mom told Abigail it was time to go. Knowing it was their final moment
together, Aunty told Abigail, “Remember this: if you confess with your mouth and believe in your heart, you will be saved.”



When Abigail was nineteen, she applied for a student visa to study in the US. All her documents had been reviewed and deemed in order. She even had a verbal pre-approval from the visa officer in the US embassy. She went to the embassy for an interview and just before her passport was stamped, everything changed. The visa officer who was about to give her the visa stamp was swayed by the female visa officer next to him. She whispered just loud enough for Abigail to hear, “This girl is pretty. If you give her the visa, she will get married in the USA and never return to her country!”

His colleague’s statement flustered the visa officer. Caught by the innuendo that he was about to do something wrong, he stopped and looked at Abigail.

Abigail’s heart pounded while she waited for him to deliver that stamp of freedom. Instead, he said, “I’m sorry, Miss. My colleague has an objection about me giving you the visa.

Therefore, your visa is denied.” His final words and the bang of the red stamp broke
Abigail’s heart. Abigail’s ticket to freedom, “denied,” and her dream to leave the country was shattered.

Abigail was devastated. She went home in a daze of disappointment and despair. Her emotions churned. All she could see before her was darkness. All she could think was she had given up everything to go abroad to study, but now she was finished. All her plans and
dreams were destroyed. She felt adrift in a dark, hopeless pit. It was then that she recalled the words of her aunty—“If you call upon the Lord you will be saved!”

Those words brought her hope. She prayed, “Jesus, if you really exist, please help me.”
Messiah After Abigail prayed, things changed. Doors opened again.

The Lord was leading her step-by-step. Everyone seemed willing to help her. About eight weeks after her visa was rejected, she received an invitation for another interview with the same visa officer. Abigail dressed down this time and wore thick glasses to hide her beauty.

She was worried the whole time about being noticed by the female visa officer again. Instead, to her surprise, the clerk saw that Abigail’s school admission date was about to expire in two days. She asked Abigail, “Miss, are you able to leave the country right away?”

Abigail replied without thinking, “Yes!” The clerk told her to pay twenty-six yuan. Abigail couldn’t believe her ears. She wondered why there was no interview.

The clerk impatiently said, “Do you want a visa or not?” Abigail quickly paid and received her visa without another interview. This was unheard of in 1980.

Abigail knew it was Jesus who intervened for her. There was no other explanation. Abigail’s future changed within an instant. She experienced incredible joy. Within half a day, six exit documents required from six different government office locations were favorably granted
to Abigail.

Without the blessing of the Lord, it would have been impossible to achieve. Abigail left her country and flew to the USA the following day. When Abigail arrived in the USA, she shared with Dad her encounter with the Lord. Her father believed everything she said and suggested the whole family go to church. Abigail’s whole family all gave their lives to the Lord and were baptized.



Jesus’s help made Abigail realize Jesus is real. As a new believer, Abigail didn’t know she could experience God more through the Bible. She desired to know Him deeper. Her friend led her to the practice of transcendental meditation. Abigail hoped through the meditation path, she could experience God more.

She didn’t realize how dangerous this path was for her at the time. Eventually, she left the church and married a man who also meditated. The love she thought she had with this man turned out to be based on a lie.

Abigail was betrayed and heartbroken. She couldn’t believe it was happening to her. She chanted in the hope that the repetition of a mantra in her mind would soothe her aching heart and troubled emotions.

Although Abigail’s mind could receive a temporary release from emptiness by not thinking negative things, her aching heart did not ease.

The bad choice Abigail made led her to search for her answers down the wrong path for eighteen years. Eventually, she left the US and moved to Australia. Abigail felt she was no better off; her questions were still not answered.



One day, Abigail’s doorbell rang. On her way to answer the door, she walked past the picture of an idol hanging in her living room. She suddenly heard the Lord speaking to her heart, “None of the idols that you worship can help you, only I, Jesus, can help you.”

Abigail was shocked. But upon hearing these words, she knew right away she was worshiping the wrong god. Abigail remembered it was Jesus who helped her receive freedom.

When she opened the door, her friend entered, sat down, and said to her, “Do you know Jesus died for you too?”

To hear Jesus died for her shocked Abigail again. Abigail’s heart was deeply touched, and a flame of hope flickered in her life once more. She acted on that moment and asked her friend to bring her six books to prove the Bible was from God and not man. Abigail did
this because a former university teacher had told her that six credible sources were needed to determine the authenticity of a statement.

Abigail was too afraid to walk blindly into another deception again at that time, not knowing this was her Jesus moment—to be led by Him from deception to truth.

Abigail’s friend brought her seven books the next day. As she read them, her faith in Jesus grew daily. Instead of meditating two hours every day, Abigail prayed and worshipped the one true God. She pondered Psalms 23 and Philippians 4:4–8. God was with her, renewing her mind, revealing the truth, healing her brokenness, giving her revelations of His words,
and helping her to rethink about life.

Peace and joy replaced the fear and hurt within Abigail’s heart. God’s love, faith, and hope poured into her heart too. She was hungry for His truth. She begin to attend all the Bible
study groups in her church and attend all the church conferences available at the time. Abigail still hunger for more and finally decided to study at a Bible college.



As the years passed, the joy Abigail received from the Lord overflowed in her heart. She wanted to tell her people what the Lord had done for her. Abigail asked the Lord to show her clearly what to do. However, the waiting was a long time.

During the waiting period, she wanted to move back to the USA to be with her family.
Her brothers had asked her to consider doing business with them. However, when she inquired of the Lord, He would whisper these words from the Bible to her, “Be still, and know I am God (Psalm 46:10a KJV), and “Trust in the Lord, and do good; dwell in the land
and befriend faithfulness” (Psalm 37:3b ESV).

One day, a pastor with a healing ministry came to visit Abigail’s church. She witnessed the Lord heal many sick people through this man. She approached the pastor to pray for her ill mother who was in China at the time.

To Abigail’s surprise, he said, “If you organize my trip, I will go, and I only want to go to government churches.” Abigail pondered this for days. She had no church contacts in China. She asked the Lord for clarity. She then heard a still, small voice saying, “If you do not organize it, who will?” Abigail realized her opportunity to serve the Lord had finally come.



Naturally, Abigail began to organize the trip in her own way. She asked her two brothers, who were doing business in China at that time to help her find contacts in the government churches. They agreed to help her. However, about a week before the departure date, both her brothers rang and told her that they were too busy and could she postpone the trip for another week.

Abigail begin to doubt. She asked the Lord, “Lord, do you really want me to go?” She doesn’t know anyone there; how she would do it without her brother help?

The Lord replied to Abigail, “I will show you the things that your eyes have never seen, and would you trust Me and have faith to step into the unknown?”

Abigail replied, “Lord, if this is You, please give me three more confirmations:

1) scripture,

2) confirmation from the pastor,

3) prophetic words from the congregation.”

Immediately, the Lord gave Abigail the scripture, “But, as it is written, ‘What no eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart of man imagined, what God has prepared for those who love him’” (1 Corinthian 2:9 ESV).

The next day at church, during the worship, an elder declared, “This is a word for someone in the church, the Lord is saying to you, ‘I am sending you out like I sent Joseph to Egypt with a purpose, do not be afraid, just go, for I am with you.’”

Abigail knew the words were meant for her and she received them quietly. After the service was finished, Abigail went forward for prayer. When the pastor laid his hand on her, he said, “I sense the Lord is saying to you do not delay your plan; trust Him and just go and
do what He called you to do.” Afterwards the pastor apologized by saying, “I don’t know why I said those words, but I feel that is what the Lord wanted me to say to you; I hope it meant something to you.”

After receiving all three confirmations Abigail was so excited and shared with her friend and asked her friend to be the witness for all these things. Abigail knew there was no excuse for her not to go.


His Leading

On returning to her country, Abigail planned to stay at her brother’s home. However, her brother’s fatherin-law was ill and in the hospital. As her brother and his family were going away, the brother arranged for Abigail to stay with his mother-in-law to keep her company.

At the time, Abigail had no idea how to make contact with the churches. However, she knew it was the Lord who sent her. Abigail firmly believed that she would miraculously come across a divine appointment. The anticipation of this caused her tremendous excitement like nothing else she ever had. Abigail paid attention to everyone who crossed her path.

The first morning after Abigail arrived, she noticed her brother’s mother-in-law had an idol in the house. The mother-in-law was lighting incense stick before the idol. Abigail knew she needed to preach the good news to the mother-in-law.

Abigail decided to read a Bible story to the mother-in-law and share what Jesus did on the cross. The mother-in-law mentioned that thirty years ago, someone else had also shared about Jesus with her.

The next day, Abigail was reminded that three years earlier, she had received a prophetic word from a sister who said, “I don’t know why, but the Lord told me to tell you to visit a government church this time when you visit your family in China.”

Abigail remembered she visited a government church and witnessed God’s miracles in her life three years ago. Abigail decided to revisit the church she attended once previously. Abigail thought perhaps, in that church, she could have a divine appointment with someone. After the worship service, Abigail saw a familiar preacher walk onto the stage.

It was the same preacher as the last time she visited the church. After the service, Abigail prayed for a divine connection with the preacher. However, when she finished her prayer, the preacher was gone and nowhere to be found. Abigail left the church feeling disappointed.

As Abigail was passing by, a brother was selling the church newsletter on the way out. She heard the soft gentle voice within her telling her to purchase the newsletter. At first, Abigail didn’t submit to the voice’s leading and kept walking. But the voice prompted her again.

She obeyed and bought the newsletter. On the taxi drive back, Abigail read the newsletter, searching for a clue, but nothing caught her eye apart from the preacher’s name.


Divine Connections

When Abigail returned from church, her brother’s mother-in-law greeted her in high spirits. She had remembered the name of the person who shared Jesus with her thirty years ago. The name was the same as the one written in the newsletter. Abigail couldn’t believe
what she just heard.

Abigail’s heart jumped for joy and she praised the Lord, saying, “Oh Lord, I see Your divine hand working behind the scenes. You are in control. In this city of more than thirty million people, You position me at the right place, at the right time, with the right person.”

In that moment Abigail’s faith increased tremendously. She was certain the mother-in-law could give her the preacher’s contact details. A few minutes later, the mother-in-law came back from her bedroom with an old phone book in her hand. It contained the preacher’s contact details. Mother-in-law rang the number, but it was disconnected. Abigail wasn’t discouraged by that at all. She was certain this was the Lord’s leading.

Abigail urged the mother-in-law to think again, if she knew anyone who also knew the preacher. The motherin-law paused for a while, then smiled and said, “Oh, my poor memory. I forgot the preacher used to work under my husband’s authority. I will ring my husband and ask him to get the contact details.”

Abigail met the preacher the next day. She shared how the Lord had led her to that point. The preacher smiled and told Abigail, “This is indeed a miracle. You may not know, I only preach in this church once every six months. If you had visited this church a week earlier or a week later, you would not be able to see me.”

They prayed and gave thanks to the Lord together. Afterwards, the preacher asked Abigail, “Why did you want to meet me? And what can I do to help you?” Abigail shared the purpose of her trip was to bring a healing ministry pastor to touch the people of this nation, so they can see Jesus heals people and He is living; He is the same yesterday and today.

The preacher smiled and said, “Give me a few days to call a few people for you and see what doors the Lord will open for you. Wait for me. I will call you.” But as soon as Abigail returned, the phone rang.

Abigail instinctively sensed it was the preacher ringing. The preacher’s gentle voice was on the line saying, “You are blessed; as soon as you left, my phone rang; there are three pastors whom I plan to connect you with from another city. They called me to let me know they
are coming to visit in three days.”

The preacher’s words made Abigail’s heart rejoice again. Three days later, Abigail sat in a meeting room with the three pastors. Abigail felt very inadequate. She told them the purpose of the meeting and suggested they invite the healing pastor to their church to preach, to allow believers in China to witness that Jesus is living;

He is the same yesterday and today. After Abigail’s introduction, one pastor said, “Be careful of your involvement with the Pentecostal church.” The other pastor said, “God does not heal people now; God only does miracles during the establishment of the church, which we have already experienced, and now God has stopped healing.”

Abigail didn’t want to get into a debate with them. The atmosphere in the room was very awkward. Abigail was aware of the situation but remembered the Lord’s instruction to her the night before, “All you have to do is to pray with them.” Abigail immediately said to them, “Let us pray and give this to the Lord to lead.”

After her prayer, the presence of the Lord came upon the room. Everyone sat without making a sound. Abigail felt a strong peace within her heart. After a long pause, the third pastor who was the leader of the other two pastors spoke, “We will host the meeting for you.”



Abigail’s heart was filled with joy. She realized this was accomplished because God was working behind the scenes. As Abigail walked towards a taxi to return home, she heard the gentle voice within her heart telling her, “When I call you to work, I will open the door
for you and I will give you the words to speak, therefore, when you finish, you will witness it is My work, so no man can boast.”Abigail replied, “Oh Lord, You are mighty, You reign from heaven on earth; let Your plan be accomplished through me, please use me, I am willing to be a fool in man’s eyes for You; I am willing to serve you according to Your way, all glory to You, most high.

It is because of You I could accomplish these things; I cannot boast.” This first mission trip for Abigail was amazing. Many sick people were healed. The paralyzed walked and demons were cast out. People rejoiced knowing the Lord is a healing God. He is a God of the living.

At the end of this mission trip, the healing pastor invited Abigail to join his ministry to be his public relations person who would organize his international trips. It was a fantastic opportunity for Abigail as she loved to travel. However, if anything, Abigail realized from her first mission trip that in serving the Lord, it was in fact the Lord working in her.

Abigail knew now that only through serving Him she could have the abundant life He promises. Abigail was determined not to serve Him according to her way but to allow Him to lead her. So, Abigail didn’t respond quickly to the healing pastor’s offer. She told him she needed time to pray and seek the Lord’s will first. Abigail waited on the Lord for instruction.

She prayed for a week about this job offer but heard nothing from the Lord. Abigail asked the healing pastor for more time to hear from the Lord. However, after two weeks, she had still heard nothing. She gave up this fantastic offer. Abigail knew from her first mission trip she must do what God calls her to.

Only then would she experience His presence and accomplish His will. Abigail discovered the Lord was working on her mightily while she served Him. He enabled her to break through and increase her faith in Him—that was the best blessing the Lord gave her.  Although waiting is never easy, Abigail learned she must wait patiently for His will and leading.



After Abigail declined the healing ministry job offer, she waited for God to show her His will. One day, the small voice within her whispered to her to go to a shortwave evangelical radio station to serve. At first, Abigail thought she had heard incorrectly, but within five minutes of hearing it, the phone rang.

Someone from the radio station called Abigail, inviting her to go for a job interview. Abigail had no experience in radio and therefore believed she was in no way qualified for the job.

She turned down the offer. Twice the job was offered to her and twice she turned it down because His calling was not what Abigail expected.

Then one day, while Abigail was at a Christian conference, she asked the Lord again in the spirit, “Lord, show me how to serve You.” This time, Abigail heard the small, still voice again within her saying, “I told you already.” Upon hearing this, Abigail repented her unbelief and promised the Lord she would contact the radio station as soon as she
returned home. Before Abigail had the chance to think about it, a third person from the radio station rang her and told her that they felt Abigail was the right person for the job, and Abigail agreed to go to the interview.

The thought of starting an unfamiliar job was daunting. During the interview, Abigail openly told the station manager that she was inexperienced, that her Chinese was rusty, and her accent was not perfect.

Also, her working hours were restricted. Abigail thought if this job was not from God, then surely, she would not get this job. However, the station manager politely replied, “You are the one we want, your imperfect accent is perfect for shortwave radio abroad, and the working hours are no problem. You can record evening programs.”

After hearing this, Abigail knew there was no way out. This was what the Lord had called her to do. There were times when Abigail felt inadequate in this radio ministry and was very uncomfortable.

Abigail wondered why she was chosen for this ministry. One day, Abigail asked the Lord about it, “Oh Lord, I’m not a good speaker, I’m not even a good storyteller and I’m untrained and inexperienced and I know that I’m not capable of doing this job, but why did you choose me for this job? I don’t understand.”

Abigail heard the voice within her replied, “If you are able, you will not seek My help, how could I use you then?”

This encounter with God assured Abigail that what she lacked in ministry doesn’t matter because the Lord would provide all her needs. Little by little, He took away Abigail’s fears and shyness in speaking. He gave Abigail the ability to broadcast. Abigail’s heart rested
in His faithfulness and goodness. She realized her weakness is the best opportunity for the Lord to change her.

Abigail reminded herself never to forget that God is always at work in every situation to benefit those who love Him. Abigail knew her limited mind only allowed her to see a small scale of reaching her people. However, God’s plan for her was much more significant and
beyond her imagination; she can reach millions through His way. He not only used Abigail, but He also blessed Abigail with a talent—a potential gift she did not even know she had within her.

Abigail thanked God for His patient and persistent reminder for her to humbly obey and not miss His calling for her life.



Abigail accomplished nearly five years of broadcasting before the shortwave radio program closed. The mission organization decided to take another direction. It was another season to conquer unfamiliar territory.

During this period, Abigail prayed to the Lord, “Is my work coming to an end? Would you like to move me to something else?” But Abigail heard nothing from Him.

Many times, she was tempted to leave and do something else. But deep inside her, there was a clear sense that she needed to hear from the Lord before making a move. He had opened the door for Abigail into this ministry, so He will shut the door Himself. “The words of the holy one, the true one, who has the key of David, who opens and no one will shut, who shuts
and no one opens” (Revelation 3:7b ESV).

About three years later, Abigail received an e-mail which was sent to all the pastors and mission workers in Brisbane. The e-mail was seeking a host for a pastor from China who has a heart for revival. Abigail asked the Lord, “Would you like me to host this pastor?” She
heard the soft voice reply with a scripture, “And Jesus said to him, ‘Foxes have holes, and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head’” (Matthew 8:20 ESV).

For Abigail, this was a green light to offer the pastor lodging. After meeting the pastor, Abigail realized he was commissioned to set revival fire around Australia and China. One of the provinces in China received this revival fire and pastors from that province came together to seek God’s heart for them as a body of Christ. The Lord revived the call for them to take the gospel back to Jerusalem. Through this pastor, the Lord opened a new door for Abigail to do His mission work.



Fourteen years ago, when Abigail was attending a prophetic conference, the speaker gestured towards her and said, “You, lady in the red T-shirt, please come forth.” As Abigail moved forward, the prophetess released prophetic words to Abigail, “The Lord is saying, my child, ‘For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord.

For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts. For as the rain and the snow come down from heaven and do not return there but water the earth, making it bring forth and sprout, giving seed to the sower and bread to the eater, so shall my word be that goes out from my mouth; it shall not
return to me empty, but it shall accomplish that which I purpose, and shall succeed in the thing for which I sent it’” (Isaiah 55:8–11 ESV).

The prophetess continues, “The Lord is saying He will give you revelations that are not hard for you to understand to cause you to write a book.”

Abigail treasured those words in her heart and often pondered how she could accomplish this impossible task. One day, Abigail read a book by John Bevere. In it he wrote, “I stand in awe, but I am more aware than anyone else of who wrote these books—the Holy Spirit.

My name is on them because I was the first to get to read them! I am not the author of this book, God is, I am just the pen the Lord used, I am the first reader.”2 These words resonated within Abigail’s heart.

She thought about being the pen for the Lord and this quest seemed to make sense to her. Abigail was determined to wait for the Lord to show her what to write.

One day, Abigail heard the small voice saying to her,  “I am shifting the wealth of the wicked to the hands of the righteous in China to enable the churches to fulfil their destiny, to take the gospel back to Jerusalem.” On another night, Abigail had a dream. In the dream she
heard the Lord say, “Go now and preach the gospel to the nations and make disciples.”

When Abigail awoke, she didn’t know what to do. The Lord had not given her a direction yet. Abigail didn’t realize the Lord had already set everything in motion, that He had prepared
a path for her again. That everything was unfolding according to His plan.

By faith, Abigail returned to China with her colleague, Joshua. While Abigail was translating for Joshua during a meeting with some Chinese pastors, the soft, gentle voice inside her said, “Reveal the modern mission method to the Chinese church and make a model of it.”

Abigail shared these words with Joshua and Joshua then told her about his vision. To see another 9,000 indigenous evangelists come from churches around the world to be involved in the Great Commission. Joshua showed Abigail his mission training manuals entitled
“Sacrificial Succession and Mission Management.”

Abigail decided to translate these manuals. When Abigail finished the translation work, it became clear to her that the Lord is at work. Chinese churches are ready for mission work through trade corridors between China and its neighbors, preaching the gospel all the
way back to Jerusalem.


His Plan

Abigail realized if Abraham, Joshua, and indeed her hadn’t obeyed the Lord’s leading and moved in His direction, her book that God called her to write would not have become a reality. It is all due to God’s faithfulness and leading. God wanted them to witness His
doing and for her to write it all down to tell others how amazing He is. He is the real author. It is Him, through Abraham and Joshua, outworking all the testimonies. He provided the content of her book through the lives of His servants.

The Lord is the one who sits on the throne in heaven and orchestrates everything and rules and reigns. He moves people from different parts of the world to form a story to cause His kingdom to advance on earth. It is astonishing to her that God can do this simultaneously
with billions of people on earth. He weaves each person like a colorful thread into His tapestry, all at the right place and right time according to His perfect will.

When God says, “I have a plan for you,” He really does. In fact, His plan existed before you were even born. God says, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you; I appointed you a prophet to the nations” (Jeremiah 1:5 ESV).

“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope” (Jeremiah 29:11 ESV). Moses didn’t plan to be the leader of Israel. Joseph didn’t position himself to be the prime minister of Egypt. David didn’t dream to be the king of Israel.

It was all God’s plan for them. By faith, they obeyed the leading of the Lord. Step by step, they walked into His plan and experienced an abundant life.

In the beginning, Abraham didn’t know God wanted to model him into a successful businessman. To use him to support a missionary activity around the world financially.

Joshua didn’t know God wanted him to be a university lecturer and entrepreneur before sending him to the mission field, then to write mission training manuals. Abigail didn’t know God wanted to use her as a broadcaster first to connect her with Joshua, then
to write a book to let churches know how to wisely fulfill the Great Commission. All these plans were beyond their imaginations and far above their hearts’ desires.

All they did was walk by faith according to His leading. They have all faced trials and tests and had times of fails and weakness. However, through it all, they loved the Lord and were determined to follow Him.

The Lord has shaped all three of them. They pursue the same mission call that brought them together. The Lord used their testimonies to birth a modern mission method for the twenty-first century.

When Abigail was willing to give up her own plans, the Lord replaced them with His plan for her life. His plan was beyond her wildest dream. The Lord’s plan will always align with His salvation plan for mankind.

That is why the enemy wants to attack the believer. To make the believer doubt His plan for them. To steal and destroy His plan for them. To rob the abundant life the Lord promised them. Therefore, it’s vital to follow His plan and be determined to work through it.

Answered Prayer

The Lord’s presence replaced Abigail’s loneliness. His blood covered her sin, guilt, and shame. His love cast out Abigail’s fear of death. His sacrifice and grace brought Abigail the eternal life she hoped for as a young child. Abigail’s life was utterly changed. She found the
answer she was seeking many years ago.

The answer was and is Jesus. Jesus is and will always be the way, the truth, and the life.
When Abigail heard Joshua’s vision to call forth another 9,000 indigenous evangelists to respond to the Great Commission, she immediately understood what she needed to write for the body of Christ—to promote the new way of mission in the twenty-first century.

“Truly, truly, I say to you, unless a grain of  wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains
alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit. Whoever loves his life loses it, and whoever hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life. If anyone serves me, he must follow me; and where I am, there will my servant be also. If anyone serves me, the Father will honor him.”
(John 12:24–26 ESV)



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