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31 Scripture-Based Petitions and Proclamations for every day of the month 每日為以色列禱告指南:31天每日以圣经为基础的呼求和宣告 ( 5 )

Day 5


As members of one new humanity, empower Jewish believers to bless Gentile believers locally and around the world, humbly and meekly, in unconditional love. Empower Gentile believers to likewise bless their Jewish brothers and sisters (Ephesians. 2:14 – 16).

Please make a way for every Gentile believer You call to visit or live in Israel to do so. “Aliens will join them and unite with the house of Jacob” (Isaiah. 14:1, Leviticus. 19:34). Mercifully open the eyes of Christians, including Arab believers, to the truth of Your everlasting covenant with Israel (Genesls. 12:1-3; 28:13-14, Romans. 9:1-4; 11:1).

Forgive the Church for the evil of anti-Jewish, anti-Israel theologies, old and new, that seek to remove Your promises from Israel. Expose and overturn lies that distance Christians from Israel due to the Palestinian conflict. Stir the Church to “not boast…or be arrogant” toward Israel (Romans. 11:18-210, TLV).

Inspire Christians to share according to Your Word: “For if the Gentiles have shared in the Jews’ spiritual blessings, they owe it to the Jews to share with them their material blessings” (Romans. 15:27). Fulfill Your end times destiny for Jews and Gentiles, as one in Messiah, to be a testimony of Yeshua to the world (John 13:35; 17:21). Pour out grace for believing Jews, Arabs, and other ethnicities in Israel to reconcile in You as one new humanity (Psalms. 133:1, Ephesians. 2:15).

5 弥赛亚以色列人和教会:作为一个新人类的成员,让犹太信徒谦卑、温柔,在无条件的爱裡祝福全世界的外邦信徒。让外邦信徒同样地祝福他们的犹太弟兄姊妹(以弗所书 2:14-16)。

请为你所呼召来拜访或居住以色列的外邦信徒们开路。“寄居的必与他们联合,紧贴雅各家”(以赛亚书 14:1, 利未记 19:34 )。求你怜悯,打开基督徒的眼睛看见你和以色列的永约乃是真理(创世纪 12:1-3;28:13-14,罗马书 9:1-4;11:1)。

饶恕我们反犹、反以色列,试图挪去你和以色列的应许之约,并以教会取代的新旧神学裡的罪恶。曝露和推翻因为巴勒斯坦冲突,造成隔离基督徒和以色列的谎言。搅动教会“不要夸口…或是自大,倒要惧怕”你对以色列的热心(罗马书 11:18-20)。

搅动基督徒们按着你的心意分享资源:“因外邦人既然在他们属灵的好处上有分,就当把养身之物供给他们”(罗马书 15:27)。成就你在弥赛亚里对犹太人和外邦人的末日命定,使他们共同事奉,向世界作你的见证(约翰福音13:35;17:21)。


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