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BDS Supporter Deported from Israel Under Anti-Boycott Law

United with Israel

Omar Shakir forfeited his right to live and work in Israel because he promoted a movement that seeks the Jewish state’s destruction.

By United with Israel Staff

Omar Shakir, who ran Human Rights Watch’s Israel office (HRW), is a proponent of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, which is the reason he will be the first person deported under an Israeli law that permits removal of those who support anti-Israel boycotts.

Shakir, a U.S. citizen, worked out of of Ramallah, which is the capital of the Palestinian Authority and a hotbed for terrorist activities and anti-Israel propaganda.

“Not only was there systematic support for BDS [from Shakir] which continued after he began his work for the organization [HRW], his conduct surrounding FIFA, as well as his repeated calls for boycotting Israeli assets in the region, is based on a sweeping denial of the legitimacy of Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria,” noted Israel’s Supreme Court’s ruling. “This is a case in which a boycott was promoted only because of an affinity for the area [Israel] ─ as opposed to its conduct.”

奥马尔·沙基尔(Omar Shakir)丧失了在以色列生活和工作的权利,因为他推动了一场运动,该运动寻求摧毁犹太国家。


人权观察组织以色列办事处(HRW)的奥马尔·沙基尔(Omar Shakir)是抵制,撤资和制裁(BDS)运动的拥护者,这就是他将根据以色列法律被驱逐出境的第一人,该法律允许将那些支持反以色列的抵制。


“不仅[Shakir]对BDS有了系统的支持,而且在他开始为[HRW]组织工作之后,BDS继续得到支持,他围绕FIFA的举止以及他一再呼吁抵制以色列在该地区的资产,都是基于以色列最高法院的裁决指出。 “在这种情况下,抵制仅是因为对[以色列]地区的亲和力,而不是其行为而得到提倡的。”


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