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“However, I consider my life worth nothing to me; my only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me—the task of testifying to the good news of God’s grace.” — Acts 20:24 Listen to chapter Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984, 2011 by Biblica. Powered by


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17 July 每日灵粮 — 清洁的心和纯一的志向 Purity of Mind and Unity of Purpose

一 纯一和清洁有如一对翅膀,可使我们超脱世俗的事物,我们的志向必须统一,我们的感情必须清洁。纯一可使我们倾向上帝,清洁可使我们领悟和经验上帝。假使你的心完全脱离了情欲的束缚,你就能从心所欲,作成善工。假若专心一意寻求上帝的旨意与邻人的福利,你就将常常享受内心的平安。若是你的心是忠诚而且正直的,那么,世上万物都要成为你的活镜子和记载圣道的书。无论多么微小或卑贱的东西,都在显明上帝的良善(罗1:20)。

二 你若内心良善清洁(箴3:3—4;诗119:100);你就能无蔽地透视万物,领悟万物。清心的人能够洞察天堂和地狱。一个人内心如何,他判断事物一定也如何。在此世界果真有所谓喜乐的话,那也必定只有清心的人能得着。若是何处有痛苦、忧愁、良心乖僻的人必定最能了解。一块铁放在火中,便炼去渣滓,变成明亮赤热;照样,一个人完全吸依上帝,便要脱去一切的懒惰,变成新人。

三 人若开始逐渐冷淡,他就要怕劳苦,且喜得外来的安慰。但是他若一次完全克服了自己,勇敢的奔走上帝的路,那么,先前似乎苦痛艰难的事,现在就将变成轻而易举的了。

Bible Reference:

Romans 1:20
Proverbs 3:3-4
Psalms 119:100

English Version:

Purity of Mind and Unity of Purpose

A MAN is raised up from the earth by two wings—simplicity and purity. There must be simplicity in his intention and purity in his desires. Simplicity leads to God, purity embraces and enjoys Him. If your heart is free from ill-ordered affection, no good deed will be difficult for you(Romans 1:20)

If you aim at and seek after nothing but the pleasure of God and the welfare of your neighbor (Proverbs 3:3-4; Psalms 119:100), you will enjoy freedom within. If your heart were right, then every created thing would be a mirror of life for you and a book of holy teaching, for there is no creature so small and worthless that it does not show forth the goodness of God. If inwardly you were good and pure, you would see all things clearly and understand them rightly, for a pure heart penetrates to heaven and hell, and as a man is within, so he judges what is without. If there be joy in the world, the pure of heart certainly possess it; and if there be anguish and affliction anywhere, an evil conscience knows it too well. As iron cast into fire loses its rust and becomes glowing white, so he who turns completely to God is stripped of his sluggishness and changed into a new man.

When a man begins to grow lax, he fears a little toil and welcomes external comfort, but when he begins perfectly to conquer himself and to walk bravely in the ways of God, then he thinks those things less difficult which he thought so hard before.

Bible Reference:

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