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Christian Faith and Freedom

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The CFF Conference, entitled “Truth in Public Policy – Defending Persecuted Christians”,  will be held in Canberra on Saturday 12 October. More details coming soon.

Persecuted Church Update 
by Elizabeth Kendal
CFF Director of Advocacy


Every 15 August, Papuans (mostly Christian Melanesians) hold demonstrations to protest the controversial and unjust New York Agreement signed on 15 August 1962. Every 17 August, Indonesians (in particular, the mostly Javanese Muslims) celebrate Indonesia’s Independence Day. And every year there are clashes. This year, however, after footage went viral showing Indonesian soldiers using excessive force while police and radicals aligned with various nationalist and Islamist militia groups yelled racist abuse and threats at Papuan students in Surabaya, East Java, Papuans decided they’d had enough. Papuans have since rallied in 30 cities across Indonesia, including in Jakarta, to protest racial-religious violence and abuse.

On Monday 19 August thousands of Papuans protested in West Papua’s capital, Manokwari (where the local parliament was torched) and Sorong (where 250 inmates escaped after the jail was torched), as well as in Papua’s capital, Jayapura. Clashes have been reported in Fakfak, a Papuan regency known to harbour Indonesian nationalist and Islamist militias. The Indonesian government has deployed an additional 1200 troops to the region and on 22 August shut down Papua’s internet. On Monday 26 August some 5000 Papuans took to the streets of Deiyai, a highlands town some 500km south-west of Jayapura, carrying four banned Morning Star flags. Papuans are calling for a new, fair and just referendum on Independence. As Indonesian Papuan expert Darmawan Triwibowo told Jakarta Post, ‘There’s a human rights issue behind the desire …’ Indeed, Papuans have had enough of genocidal, racial-religious hatred. Please pray.

For a more detailed version of this item on Papua, see:
‘Papuans have had enough of racial-religious hatred and persecution,’
Religious Liberty Monitoring, 27 Aug 2019.



*  draw all Papuans to prayer; may they put their faith in God — not in ‘man’ and not in ‘the world’. And may the living God, who hears and answers prayer, intervene on their behalf.‘Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think …’ (from Ephesians 3:20 ESV)

* fill Papuan Church and community leaders with wisdom and understanding so they will lead the people well in line with the will and purposes of the Lord.

* restrain evil and angry hands; may he protect and preserve his precious people. Lord have mercy!

Pray for the Church in Papua, using Psalm 27


For this plus more detail, including images,  hyperlinks and archives, see:
CFF Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin (RLPB) 

RLPB 517. August Update, incl. Algeria, Cuba, Eritrea, Iran, Nigeria and Papua (28 Aug 2019)

CFFAlerting governments to the plight of persecuted Christians.
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8月19日星期一,成千上万的巴布亚人在西巴布亚首都Manokwari(当地议会遭到焚烧)和Sorong(监狱被囚禁后逃走的250名囚犯)以及巴布亚首都查亚普拉进行抗议。 Fakfak报道了一场冲突,这是一个印度尼西亚民族主义和伊斯兰民兵组织的巴布亚政府。印尼政府已向该地区部署了1200名士兵,并于8月22日关闭了巴布亚的互联网。

8月26日星期一,大约5000名巴布亚人走上了在Yaapura西南约500公里处的高地小镇Deiyai的街道,带着四个被禁止的晨星旗帜。巴布亚人呼吁就独立进行新的,公正的,公正的公民投票。正如印度尼西亚巴布亚专家Darmawan Triwibowo告诉雅加达邮报的那样,“这个愿望背后有一个人权问题……”事实上,巴布亚人已经有足够的种族灭绝,种族宗教仇恨。请祈祷。



*吸引所有巴布亚人祈祷;他们可能会把自己的信仰放在上帝面前 – 不是“男人”而不是“世界”。也许活着的上帝,听到并回应祷告,代表他们进行干预。“现在能够比我们所要求或想到的更多的人做得更多……”(来自以弗所书3:20 ESV)




RLPB 517. 8月更新,包括。阿尔及利亚,古巴,厄立特里亚,伊朗,尼日利亚和巴布亚(2019年8月28日)


Please forward this prayer update widely,
for “The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.” (James 5:16 NIV)


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