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“We must always be on our guard…”

“We must always be on our guard…”

My husband and I were followers and believers of this false teaching for many years, but by the grace and mercy of God, He opened our eyes by removing the blinders of deception. He stirred our hearts to repent for believing a different gospel and trust in Christ and the finished work of the Cross alone.

The Lord filled our hearts with a strong desire for truth; We became like the Bereans in Acts 17 who searched the Scriptures daily, so we would not fall prey to false teaching again. I believe this is something we all must do as Christians. We must always be on our guard against what we allow to enter our eyes, ears, and heart, even from those in the pulpit, making sure it all lines up with the Bible and is not being taken out of context, as so many prosperity preachers do, sadly.

Since the prosperity gospel is so popular and prevalent, it is important to consistently reflect upon your beliefs as a Christian and what the Bible truly says about the foundation of our faith.

Here are five questions to ask yourself that should help you get an idea if you are allowing the prosperity theology to twist your view of God and the gospel: 







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