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Daughter of Nazis Honored for Saving Lives in Israel

Tina Berkowitz, whose parents were Nazis in World War II Germany, was recently honored for her lifesaving efforts in Israel. 

By: United Hatzalah and United with Israel Staff

On the eve of Yom Hashoah, Israel’s Holocaust Memorial Day, during the commemoration ceremony held by the Regional Council of Hof HaCarmel in northen Israel, a volunteer first responder named Tina Berkovitz was awarded a citation for her continued dedication and devotion for saving the lives of her fellow Israelis.

But Tina isn’t a regular Sabra, Israeli-born Jew. The 67-year-old grandmother grew up in post World War II Germany and

is the daughter of Nazis. For her, receiving the award on the eve of Yom HaShoah was an exceptionally emotional experience.

Berkovitz was born in the city of Bochum near Dusseldorf. In 1973 she began a 45-year-long career of lifesaving and working in the medical profession when she volunteered as part of the Action Reconciliation Service for Peace organization, whose aim is to confront the legacy of Nazism.

Berkovitz currently volunteers as a First Responder and EMT with United Hatzalah, Israel’s national community-based volunteer EMS organization.

Berkovitz is also a doula and a naturopath, and has even started an emergency medical clinic for Israeli tourists and travelers in the Goa province of India.

Serving is a Great Honor

“I’ve always felt that it is a great honor to be able to work and volunteer around the clock in a position that saves lives all the time. That is one of the things that pushes me to continually volunteer and serve my community. It is thanks to organizations such as United Hatzalah that allow and inspire me to keep helping others no matter what,” she said.

Berkovitz has also worked at the Kfar Izun psychological and drug rehab center. “I began helping the patients there with natural medicine and now it is one of the few places in the world where natural medicine and traditional medicine are used hand in hand to treat patients who are suffering psychological conditions due to drug use.”

Berkovitz praised United Hatzalah as a serving as a “home” for her.

在以色列大屠杀纪念日Yom Hashoah的前夕,在以色列北部Hof HaCarmel区域委员会举行的纪念仪式中,一名名为Tina Berkovitz的志愿者第一响应者因其对拯救人类生命的持续奉献和奉献而被授予一项引证。她的同胞以色列人。
是纳粹的女儿。对她来说,在Yom HaShoah前夕领奖是一种非常情绪化的体验。
Berkovitz出生在杜塞尔多夫附近的波鸿市。 1973年,当她作为和平组织行动和解服务部门的志愿者时,她开始了45年的救生和医疗行业工作,其目标是面对纳粹主义的遗产。
Berkovitz目前是以色列国家社区志愿者EMS组织United Hatzalah作为First Responder和EMT的志愿者。

Berkovitz出生在杜塞尔多夫附近的波鸿市。 1973年,当她作为和平组织行动和解服务部门的志愿者时,她开始了45年的救生和医疗行业工作,其目标是面对纳粹主义的遗产。
Berkovitz目前是以色列国家社区志愿者EMS组织United Hatzalah作为First Responder和EMT的志愿者。
Berkovitz还曾在Kfar Izun心理和戒毒中心工作。 “我开始用天然药物帮助那里的病人,现在它是世界上为数不多的能够携带天然药物和传统药物治疗由于吸毒而患有心理疾病的病人的地方之一。”


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