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IDF mobilizes for massive task of preparing for Passover

Everyone in the IDF pitches in to do their part in a holiday that is about liberation. At the same time, they will stand on duty in the defense of the Jewish nation.

By: Yaakov Lappin,

Despite its many round-the-clock security missions, the Israel Defense Forces believes that bringing the holiday spirit to its personnel is an imperative.

As Passover comes up, those serving in combat and combat-support roles in the military, as well as a brigade rabbi, told JNS about how they celebrate while in service.

Sgt. Shir Zandberg, an Operations Sergeant in the Binyamin Brigade Ops and Observations Room, moved to Israel from Brussels, Belgium, six years ago and today resides in the settlement of Eli, in southern Samaria.

“I am protecting my own sector,” she said, in reference to the fact that the Binyamin Brigade defends her home community. “This has advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that I know the area well; I live here. But suddenly, I am also aware of what is going on, which raises concerns,” Zandberg said, describing the process of becoming intimately familiar with the ongoing security alerts and incidents.

On routine days, Zandberg works the phones and computers, acting as a bridge between those reporting incidents on the ground and the military forces that respond to them. “I put together the full picture from all of the data, whether it comes from civilians or the military,” she said. “I collect all of the details about an incident and pass it on.”

Zandberg’s routine of 12-hour shifts will be briefly interrupted this Passover, when she will spend a week at home and celebrate the Seder meal with her family. She is scheduled to be back at base during Chol Hamoed, the intermediate holiday days.

The security-threat level changes from one holiday to the next, according to Zandberg. “Before every holiday, we prepare for what will happen, in line with the latest security evaluations,” she said.

Last year, she attended the Passover Seder (there is only one in Israel, held on the first night) at the base—the first time she did not celebrate Passover at home. “The brigade rabbi really tried to bring the spirit of the holiday to the base so that everyone would feel it,” she said. “Also, the base, which is located in a community, lets civilians in, and they bring matzos for soldiers. That really connects us to the holiday.”

Dozens of soldiers and officers who remained on base sat at tables as the rabbi read from the Haggadah.

It is an experience that Maj. Assaf Diler, Deputy Commander of the Ram Battalion, which operates under the Binyamin Brigade’s command, said feels like an expanded family celebration.


作者:Yaakov Lappin,



军士。 Shiny Zandberg是Binyamin Brigade Ops and Observations室的一名行动警官,六年前从比利时的布鲁塞尔搬到以色列,今天居住在撒马利亚南部的Eli定居点。

“我正在保护我自己的部门,”她说,提到Binyamin旅为她的家乡社区辩护。 “这有利有弊。好处是我很了解这个地区;我住在这里。但突然之间,我也意识到发生了什么,这引发了关注,“Zandberg说,描述了对持续发生的安全警报和事件非常熟悉的过程。

在日常工作中,Zandberg负责处理手机和电脑,作为地面报告事件与响应这些事件的军队之间的桥梁。 “我把所有数据的全部内容放在一起,不管它来自平民还是军队,”她说。 “我收集了关于事件的所有细节并将其传递。”

赞德伯格的12小时轮班制度将暂时中断逾越节,届时她将在家中度过一个星期,并与家人一起庆祝西德餐。她计划在中间假期Chol Hamo期间回到基地。

根据Zandberg的说法,安全威胁级别从一个休假到另一个休假。 “每次假期之前,我们都会根据最新的安全评估为即将发生的事情做好准备,”她说。

去年,她在基地第一次参加了逾越节赛德(在以色列只有一个人,第一天晚上举行),这是她第一次不在家中庆祝逾越节。 “这个旅拉比确实试图把节日的精神带到基地,让每个人都能感受到,”她说。 “此外,位于社区的基地让平民进入,他们为士兵带来了马托斯。这真的让我们连接到假期。“


根据Binyamin Brigade指挥的Ram营的副司令Maj。Assaf Diler少将说,这是一种体验,感觉就像是一次扩大的家庭庆祝。


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