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WATCH: ‘Superman’ Visits Israel!

United with Israel

Dean Cain, best known for his role as Superman on a popular TV series, is visiting Israel with his son, fulfilling their longstanding desire to visit the Jewish state.

By: Ezra Stone, United with Israel

Actor Dean Cain, who made a name for himself playing a young Superman in the beloved television series “Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman,” arrived this week in the Holy Land for a visit for which he had been pining for years.

A self-proclaimed history buff, Cain told the Jerusalem Post, “There are few places on earth that have as much historical value [as Israel].” Cain’s interest in history, in fact, predates his time in the spotlight, as the actor majored in the subject at Princeton University.

Cain has kept his interest in history alive by writing, producing and directing history documentaries, including “Architects of Denial,” which addresses the Armenian Genocide. Cain earned the Order of Armenia for the film.

While in Israel, Cain is taking in the sights with his teenage son and USA Today‘s Laura McKenzie, who is filming an episode of her “Traveler” show in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. The Superman star told the Post he looks forward to visiting Israel’s holy sites, and will also be honored as a guest of the Knesset at the behest of Zionist Union’s MK Hilik Bar.

“I want to come in and say hello, and probably state the obvious – that Israel has a special place in the heart of people in the US. The two countries are special friends,” Cain told the Post.

Cain met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, appearing in a video posted on Netanyahu’s Facebook page. In the video, Cain refers to Netanyahu as “the real Superman” for solving the coalition crisis and preventing the need for new elections.






在以色列期间,该隐正与他的十几岁的儿子和今日美国的劳拉·麦肯齐参观视频,她正在耶路撒冷和特拉维夫拍摄她的“旅行者”节目。这位超人明星告诉邮报,他期待着访问以色列的圣地,并且应犹太复国联盟MK Hilik酒吧的要求,也将作为以色列议会的客人。

“我想进来打个招呼,可能会说明一点 – 以色列在美国人心中占有特殊的位置。这两个国家是特别的朋友,“该隐告诉邮报。


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