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BDS Fails: Israeli Exports Up 6% in First Half of 2017

United with Israel

Despite high-profile and widely publicized campaigns to boycott Israel, the Jewish State continues to thrive.

Israeli exports rose 6 percent—to $50 billion—during the first half of 2017, according to the Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute.

The jump in exports was driven by rapid growth in high-tech services and incoming tourism, the institute said. Exports of services totaled $21 billion in the first half of this year, boosted by the rising trend in exports of computer and software services, which grew 12 percent to $6.8 billion. Exports of tourist services were up 16 percent, to $3.2 billion, in the same period.

Exports in industrial sections—including drugs, chemicals, refined oil products and electronic components—grew 5 percent.

“Increasing exports is a strategic goal of the Ministry of the Economy and Industry, because the export industries feature high productivity,” Israel’s Minister of the Economy Eli Cohen said, Globes reported. “We are continuing our efforts to attract international companies. With the help of incentives for exporters, we will cross the $100 billion mark, which is our annual export target.”

The anti-Israel BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) movement is publicly vocal in promoting boycotts on Israel, and while it has enlisted the support of some prominent organizations and work unions, at has colossally failed to cause real damage.




工业部门的出口 – 包括药物,化学品,成品油和电子元件 – 增长了5%。

“以色列经济部长Eli Cohen说:”出口增长是经济和工业部的一个战略目标,因为出口行业具有高生产力。“Globes报道。 “我们正在继续努力吸引国际公司。在出口商激励的帮助下,我们将通过1000亿美元的标准,这是我们的年度出口目标。“



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