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‘Lebanon will Tremble’ if Hezbollah Attacks Israel, Warns Defense Minister – 国防部长警告说,如果真主党袭击以色列,“黎巴嫩将动摇”

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“The IDF is prepared for any operation that required of it . . . Lebanon will tremble, and Hezbollah will be fatally hit,” said Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz.

By Aryeh Savir, TPS

If the IDF faces “days of combat – Lebanon will tremble, and Hezbollah will be fatally hit,” Defense Minister Benny Gantz stated in response to threats issued by Hezbollah’s Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah.

Nasrallah gave a speech on Tuesday during which he claimed that “even the game of a few days of fighting will be a dangerous game for the Israelis and would lead them to undesirable consequences.”

Gantz participated on Thursday in the annual memorial service for the IDF’s fallen whose burial place is unknown and stated that “during these days, and although Israel is the most powerful force in the Middle East, there are those who threaten us with war or ‘battle days.’”

“Indeed, if there are days of battle on the various fronts, they will be difficult for the Israeli home front, but they will be difficult and terrible first and foremost for our enemies,” he warned.

“This is especially true for Hezbollah and Hamas, which are working to build offensive capability among the civilian population and are thus committing a war crime,” he noted.

“In the face of this threat, the IDF is prepared for any forceful operation that may be required of it – if we have to reach ‘battle days’ – Lebanon will tremble, and Hezbollah will be fatally hit,” he underscored.

The IDF Intelligence Division’s annual forecast for 2021 estimates that the Lebanon-based Hezbollah is deterred from a war with Israel and is not interested in a full-scale war with it.

However, Nasrallah is ready to carry out an attack on the border fence, even at the cost of an unusual Israeli response that will lead to a day or days of fighting, and is also ready to down an Air Force drone to reach a balance in the kill equation, it estimates.

“ IDF已为所需的任何操作做好了准备; 黎巴嫩将发抖,真主党将受到致命打击。”

以色列国防部长本尼·甘茨说。 TPS 的 Aryeh Savir 国防部长本尼·甘茨(Benny Gantz)在回应真主党秘书长哈桑·纳斯拉拉的威胁时说; 如果以色列国防军面临“战斗日 – 黎巴嫩将发抖,真主党将受到致命打击”。




他说:“对于真主党和哈马斯而言,尤其如此,他们正在努力提高平民的进攻能力,因此犯下了战争罪。” 他强调说:“面对这种威胁,以色列国防军已准备好采取任何可能的猛烈行动 – 如果我们必须达到“ 战斗日” – 黎巴嫩将发抖,真主党将受到致命打击。”

IDF 情报部对 2021 年的年度预测估计,黎巴嫩的真主党受到与以色列的战争的阻吓,对与以色列的全面战争不感兴趣。 但是,纳斯拉拉准备对边界围栏发动进攻,即使以以色列不同寻常的反应为代价,这将导致一天或几天的战斗,并且还准备击落空军无人机以在纳粹冲突中保持平衡它估计了杀死方程。


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