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‘Today we make history’: UAE delegation lands in Israel for first official visit – “今天我们创造历史”:阿联酋代表团登陆以色列进行首次正式访问

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‘Today we make history’: UAE delegation lands in Israel for first official visit

Israel and Emirati The Emirati delegations sign agreements, Oct. 20, 2020. (screenshot)

“Today we are making history,” said Netanyahu in a speech from the tarmac.

By Lauren Marcus, World Israel News

A delegation of Emirati officials, among them members of the Emirati royal family, landed in Israel on Tuesday in a historic visit meant to cement diplomatic and business relations between the United Arab Emirates and Israel.

The visit comes after the UAE-Bahrain-Israel normalization agreements, known as the Abraham Accords, were signed last month at the White House. Israel sent a delegation of government officials and journalists to Abu Dhabi in late August.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu welcomed the first official visit of Emirati government representatives to the Jewish state. However, due to coronavirus concerns, the Emirati delegation did not leave the airport.


劳伦·马库斯(Lauren Marcus),《世界以色列新闻》


此次访问是在上个月在白宫签署了阿联酋-巴林-以色列正常化协议(称为《亚伯拉罕协议》)之后。 以色列于8月下旬向阿布扎比派遣了政府官员和记者代表团。

总理内塔尼亚胡对阿联酋政府代表对犹太国家的首次正式访问表示欢迎。 但是,由于担心冠状病毒,阿联酋代表团没有离开机场。


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