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‘What does this remind you of?’: Trump blasts NY mayor for singling out Jews – “这让您想起什么?”:特朗普谴责纽约市长挑出犹太人

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‘What does this remind you of?’: Trump blasts NY mayor for singling out Jews

Trump commented on a tweet from actor James Woods slamming Bill de Blasio for allegedly ’rounding up the Jews’ over coronavirus restriction violations.

By World Israel News Staff

“Wow, what does this grim picture remind you of?” tweeted U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday.

Trump posted the comments in response to a video retweeted by actor James Woods, which showed New York police officers forcefully disrupting a Jewish holiday celebration on the streets of Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

“‘Rounding up the Jews’ is an optic that I would never have expected to see in my American lifetime,” commented Woods on the video, adding, “[New York City Mayor Bill] DeBlasio is a criminal. No wonder he changed his name from Wilhelm. He is an anti-Semite thug piece of s**t.”

Trump’s comments when he shared Woods tweet and video appeared to be a potential reference to Nazi Germany’s persecution of the Jews.

“I am the only thing in the Radical Left’s way! VOTE,” Trump added to the end of his tweet.

Tensions have run high recently between the Jewish community and New York officials, including de Blasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo, over coronavirus restrictions and regulations that critics say unfairly target orthodox Jewish enclaves.

This is not the first time de Blasio has been accused of anti-Semitism with regard to his strategy for containing the coronavirus.

In April, de Blasio singled out the Jewish community on Twitter, later defending his comments as “tough love.”

“Members of the Jewish community were putting each other in danger and putting our police officers in danger,” the mayor said in follow up comments.

Following the tweet, people demanded the mayor’s resignation.

“I am convening the leadership of the World Jewish Congress to formally censure New York Mayor Bill de Blasio,” commented World Jewish Congress President Ronald Lauder at the time. “Last night, the mayor painted the Jewish community as lawbreakers and unconcerned about the city’s public health. This type of horrible stereotyping is dangerous and completely unacceptable at any time, but particularly while the world is gripped in fear and the worst among us are looking for scapegoats.

“Since December, Jews have been the target of terrorist attacks and have sustained much bloodshed throughout the New York region and beyond. Mayor de Blasio should know better than to throw gasoline on a smoldering fire. I will withdraw this censure if Mayor de Blasio immediately apologizes for his comments, but sadly I do not expect him to. The hate and rhetoric we’re seeing today mirrors the same vicious targeting of Jews during the Bubonic Plague.”

The U.S. Department of Justice also took de Blasio to task over unconstitutional restrictions on freedom of religion with regard to actions taken that affected the Jewish community.

特朗普评论了演员詹姆斯·伍兹(James Woods)抨击比尔·德·布拉西奥(Bill de Blasio)的一条推文,指称该人因违反冠状病毒限制而“对犹太人进行捕杀”。



特朗普对演员詹姆斯·伍兹(James Woods)转推的视频做出回应,发表了这一评论,该视频显示纽约警察在布鲁克林皇冠高地(Crown Heights)的街道上强行破坏了犹太节日的庆祝活动。

伍兹在录像中评论道:“’围拢犹太人’是我一生中从未见过的视觉元素,” [纽约市市长比尔]德布拉西奥是罪犯。难怪他改了威廉的名字。他是个反犹太暴徒。



犹太人社区与纽约官员(包括de Blasio和州长Andrew Cuomo)最近在冠状病毒的限制和规定之间的紧张关系一直很高,批评家说,这种限制和规定不公正地针对了正统的犹太飞地。

这不是de Blasio 第一次因其遏制冠状病毒的策略而被指控反犹太主义。

4月,德布拉西奥(De Blasio)在Twitter上挑出了犹太人社区,后来为自己的言论辩护为“坚强的爱”。



当时世界犹太人大会主席罗纳德·劳德(Ronald Lauder)表示:“我召集世界犹太人大会领导人正式谴责纽约市市长比尔·德布拉西奥。” “昨晚,市长将犹太人社区描绘成违法者,对这座城市的公共卫生毫不在意。这种可怕的陈规定型观念在任何时候都是危险的,而且是完全不能接受的,但尤其是当世界陷入恐惧之中,而我们中间最糟糕的人正在寻找替罪羊。


美国司法部还任命德布拉西奥(De Blasio)负责就影响犹太社区的行动对宗教自由的违宪限制。


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