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President Trump declares a National Day of Prayer – 特朗普总统宣布国庆祈祷日-

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Subject: President Trump declares a National Day of Prayer
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The White House • May 7, 2020

President Trump declares a National Day of Prayer

“As our Nation heals, our Spirit has never been Stronger!” President Trump says.

At the White House today, the President joined Vice President Mike Pence, First Lady Melania Trump, and Second Lady Karen Pence in leading a National Day of Prayer. The President’s Proclamation explains why this Day of Prayer is especially meaningful:

Today, as much as ever, our prayerful tradition continues as our Nation combats the coronavirus. During the past weeks and months, our heads have bowed at places outside of our typical houses of worship, whispering in silent solitude for God to renew our spirit and carry us through unforeseen and seemingly unbearable hardships. Even though we have been unable to gather together in fellowship with our church families, we are still connected through prayer and the calming reassurance that God will lead us through life’s many valleys.

Americans of all faiths have risen to this moment to help slow the spread of disease. Soon, our places of worship will be full once more. For now, we pray together for those who are sick, for those who lost loved ones, and for those working hard to keep us safe.

Read President Trump’s Proclamation on the National Day of Prayer.

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🎬 First Lady reflects on 2 years of ‘Be Best!’

In May 2018, First Lady Melania Trump launched a major campaign to encourage America’s children to “be best” in their individual paths through life. In the 2 years since, she has traveled the globe spreading that message in schools, hospitals, and more.

“On this second anniversary of my Be Best initiative,” she tweets, “I am reminded that now, more than ever, we must continue to work together and champion the issues that face our children in order to strengthen, protect and provide them with a safe and more secure future.”

The mission of Be Best is imparting the values of kindness, compassion, and healthy living to our next generation. In particular, it focuses on the three pillars of childhood well-being, online and social media safety, and the scourge of opioid abuse.

The First Lady has carried that message far and wide, speaking to nearly 4,000 students across the globe. She’s joined in summits, met with governors and lawmakers, and toured nearly 20 hospitals to thank healthcare workers personally for their efforts.

As a result, Be Best has led to some incredible moments:

“Let us use this unprecedented time as an opportunity to teach our children how to use this moment of uncertainty as a way to grow and learn,” the First Lady says.

Learn more about the First Lady’s Be Best initiative.

MUST READ: “Melania Reflects on Anniversary of ‘Be Best’ Launch and the ‘Major’ Accomplishments Over Last Two Years”


A woman on horseback receives the first COVID-19 test at a mobile testing unit in Bandera, Texas



特朗普总统说;今日在白宫,总统与副总统迈克·彭斯(Mike Pence),第一夫人梅拉尼娅·特朗普(Melania Trump)和第二夫人凯伦·彭斯(Karen Pence)一起领导了国庆日。






Be Best的使命是将善良,同情和健康生活的价值观赋予我们的下一代。它特别关注儿童福祉,在线和社交媒体安全以及阿片类药物滥用祸害的三大支柱。第一夫人已经传达了这一信息,并与全球近 4000名学生进行了交谈。

她参加了首脑会议,会见了州长和议员,并参观了将近 20 家医院,以感谢医护人员的亲自努力。因此,Be Best 带来了一些令人难以置信的时刻:

印度新德里的 Sarvodaya 学校参观🍿白宫为学生举办电影之夜 ,鼓励年轻人在怀俄明州外 outside在儿童国家医院阅读圣诞节故事,向肯尼亚的学童传递最好的信息:“让我们利用这次空前的时间,作为一次机会来教我们的孩子们如何利用这一不确定的时刻来成长和学习,”第一夫人说。

详细了解“第一夫人的最佳实践”计划。必读:“ Melania 回顾了过去两年’Be Best’推出和’Major’成就的周年纪念日”一天的照片一名骑马的妇女在德克萨斯州班德拉的一个移动测试装置上接受了首次 COVID-19 测试


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