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Judea, Samaria leaders protest against Netanyahu, demand immediate annexation

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The U.S. handed Israel the opportunity to annex the settlements and then took it away, said Samaria Council leader Yossi Dagan.

By World Israel News Staff

Leaders of the councils representing Judea and Samaria and the Jordan Valley rallied in front of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office in Jerusalem on Tuesday, in protest over the prime minister’s reluctance to apply swift sovereignty over settlements in Judea and Samaria.

“I call on Netanyahu to fulfill his promise to announce the application of sovereignty. He has political support, he has support inside the party,” Jordan Valley Regional Council leader David Elhani said.

According to Samaria Council leader Yossi Dagan, the U.S. handed Israel the opportunity to annex the settlements and then took it away.

“Officials in the U.S. took our beloved Prime Minister, elevated him to the top of the Empire State Building – [he stood] with the US president [and promised to apply] sovereignty – then they try to throw our Prime Minister all the way down,” Dagan told Arutz Sheva.

On Monday, dozens of Israeli settlers on tractors crisscrossed together across Judea and Samaria in a protest demanding the immediate annexation of the Jordan Valley, reports France 24.

According to the report, the tractors bore Israeli flags and banners with the words “we make history, we impose sovereignty,” and some protesters wore white T-shirts that read “annexation now.”

“After 52 years of waiting, it’s time to annex the Jordan Valley,” said David Elhayani, president of the Yesha Council representing Israeli settlements in Judea and Samaria, as quoted by the news agency.

Immediately following the release of the “Deal of the Century” last week, Netanyahu sought to swiftly move towards annexing the settlements in Judea and Samaria.

However, the Trump administration is pressuring Netanyahu to hold off at least until the March 2 election.

In order to appease his right-wing base before the election, Netanyahu is trying to gain support to annex some part of Judea and Samaria as a “symbolic move.”

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“我呼吁内塔尼亚胡兑现他宣布宣布主权的承诺。他有政治上的支持,他在党内也有支持。”约旦河谷地区委员会主席戴维·埃尔哈尼(David Elhani)说。

萨马里亚理事会领导人尤西·达根(Yossi Dagan)表示,美国向以色列提供了吞并定居点的机会,然后将其撤走。

“美国官员接过我们挚爱的总理,将他提升到帝国大厦的顶端– [他与美国总统站在一起] [并承诺实行]主权–然后他们试图将我们的总理一路推倒”,达根告诉Arutz Sheva。



该新闻社援引以色列代表在犹大和萨马里亚定居点的耶萨理事会主席戴维·埃尔哈亚尼(David Elhayani)的话说:“经过52年的等待,现在是吞并约旦河谷的时候了。”




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