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Bombing Iran to stop nuclear program ‘is an option’, says Israel’s foreign minister

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Yisrael Katz tells an Italian paper that “the only deterrent is a military threat directed against the regime.”

By Batya Jerenberg, World Israel News

Foreign Minister Yisrael Katz told the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera on Friday that Israel’s commitment to prevent a nuclear Iran included risking a war by bombing the Islamic Republic if necessary.

When asked if an airstrike is something that Israel is considering, Katz replied, “Yes, it’s an option. We will not allow Iran to produce or obtain nuclear weapons. If it were the last possible thing to prevent it, we will act militarily.”

He praised the U.S. administration’s efforts against Iran, but added that they would work better if the European Union would cooperate with President Trump.

“We believe that U.S. pressure and sanctions are effective. We expect Iran’s attempts to procure nuclear weapons and support terrorist groups to decline, but this will be easier if there is support from European countries,” he said. “As long as the Iranians delude themselves that they have the support of Europe, it will be more difficult for them to bend.”

He also noted that Iran’s biggest enemies in the Middle East, Israel, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries, work quietly together due to their “common interests.”

“I can’t go into details about the transmission of information, but we have common interests. This allows us to identify and foil any threats we are aware of,” he said.

This includes threats to the Arab states as well.

“Our intelligence information tells us that [Iran] intends to hit the Gulf countries again,” Katz said. “The threat of sanctions is not enough. The only deterrent is a military threat directed against the regime.”

The foreign minister was in Italy for MED 2019, an conference that features high-level discussions on current challenges countries around the Mediterranean are facing.

He noted that his meeting with his Italian counterpart, Luigi Di Maio, had gone “very well,” although they do have a difference of opinion on a subject that again touched on Iran.

以色列总统卡兹(Yisrael Katz)在一份意大利报纸上说:“唯一的威慑手段是针对该政权的军事威胁。”

  巴蒂亚·杰伦伯格(Batya Jerenberg),《世界以色列新闻》

外交大臣卡兹(Israel Katz)周五对意大利报纸《 Corriere della Sera》说,以色列对防止核伊朗的承诺包括在必要时通过轰炸伊斯兰共和国来冒险战争。



“我们认为美国的压力和制裁是有效的。我们预计,伊朗采购核武器和支持恐怖组织的尝试将减少,但是如果得到欧洲国家的支持,这将变得更加容易。” “只要伊朗人自欺欺人,他们就得到了欧洲的支持,他们弯腰将更加困难。”




卡茨说:“我们的情报资料告诉我们,[伊朗]打算再次袭击海湾国家。” “制裁的威胁还不够。唯一的威慑力是针对该政权的军事威胁。”

外交大臣在意大利参加MED 2019,该会议旨在就地中海沿岸国家当前面临的挑战进行高级别讨论。

他指出,他与意大利同行路易吉·迪·马约(Luigi Di Maio)的会晤“非常顺利”,尽管他们在再次触及伊朗的问题上确实存在意见分歧。


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