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US Envoy: Israel is the Victim, Not the Offender

United with Israel

US envoy Jason Greenblatt,

Calling Judea and Samaria “occupied territory” does not help resolve the conflict, Jason Greenblatt told PBS.

By United With Israel Staff 

U.S. Special Representative for International Relations Jason Greenblatt has again come to Israel’s defense, rejecting old notions of Israel as an occupier responsible for the victimization of the Palestinian people.

Asked what “responsibility the Israelis bear for the current state of affairs in the Middle East,” Greenblatt told interviewer Judy Woodruff:

“I think that Israel is actually more the victim than the party that’s responsible,” adding that “from the moment of its formation, they were attacked multiple times. They continue to be attacked with terrorism. So I’m not sure I understand the premise of the question.”

“I think that they’re trying their best to succeed,” said the senior official. “They have actually succeeded in many ways, especially economically, under very, very trying circumstances.”

Woodruff persisted, asking: “You don’t see mistakes they have made, places where they have overstepped their authority?”

The envoy stood his ground: “I think Israel is doing the best that it possibly can under very challenging circumstances.”

He then began rejecting the usage of terms such as “settlements” to describe Israeli communities located in territories captured by the Jewish State in the 1967 war, saying “it’s a pejorative term. I use the term neighborhoods and cities.”

Greenblatt also referred to the West Bank by its biblical name, Judea and Samaria, and countered the argument that the territories are “occupied” by Israel.

“I would argue that the land is disputed. It needs to be resolved in the context of direct negotiations between the parties. Calling it occupied territory does not help resolve the conflict,” the Trump adviser told PBS.

Asked about when the U.S. political plan for Israel and the Palestinians would be announced, Greenblatt replied: “The president will make his decision soon.”

He explained that “it’s no secret that, when the Israelis had to go to a second election, that sort of threw us off a little bit.

“We haven’t yet decided whether we release the plan before or after the Israeli elections, if it’s after the Israeli elections, before or after the government is formed. We’re still evaluating that,” said Greenblatt.

He bemoaned the fact that Palestinians with whom he meets are afraid to reveal their identity. “I meet countless Palestinians here in the region,” the American envoy told PBS.

“They know I’m very active on Twitter. And no matter how great the meeting goes — and almost all of them are great, even if they are tough discussions about U.S. policy — they always plead with me when I leave: ‘Please do not tweet about our meeting. Please do not tell who you met with,’” said Greenblatt.

“I have to respect that,” he said. “They are afraid, and that’s unfortunate.”


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Jason Greenblatt告诉PBS,称Judea和Samaria“被占领土”无助于解决冲突。





“我认为他们正在努力取得成功,”这位高级官员说。 “在非常非常艰难的情况下,他们实际上已经取得了很多成功,特别是在经济上。”









他感到遗憾的是,与他会面的巴勒斯坦人不敢透露自己的身份。 “我在该地区会见了无数的巴勒斯坦人,”美国特使告诉PBS。

“他们知道我在推特上非常活跃。无论会议有多么精彩 – 几乎所有会议都很棒,即使他们对美国的政策进行了艰难的讨论 – 他们在我离开时总是恳求我:’请不要发布有关我们会议的推文。请不要告诉你与谁见面,“格林布拉特说。

“我必须尊重这一点,”他说。 “他们害怕,这很不幸。”





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