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Celebrating US Independence, Netanyahu Praises Trump Peace Plan

United with Israel

At US Independence Day party in Jerusalem, Israel’s Netanyahu says he will keep an “open mind” on Trump peace plan.

By The Algemeiner

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday attended an American Independence Day celebration hosted by US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman at the International Convention Center in Jerusalem.

“A few days ago, David and Tammy (Friedman’s wife) and Jason Greenblatt and my wife Sara went to a place that is the wellspring of our existence,” Netanyahu remarked. “They went to a place that leads from the Siloam pool to Har Habayit (Temple Mount], where our ancestors celebrated the various festivals of Jerusalem and where the last Jews fighting the Romans, fighting this greatest power on earth, submitted and where Jewish independence was extinguished.”

“Well we’re back, and we’re back standing for the truth, for our history, for our rights and it’s wonderful to have the greatest power on earth not opposing the Jewish state but supporting the Jewish state,” he went on to say. “What a twist.”

Referring to the Palestinian Authority’s decision to boycott the US-organized economic workshop in Bahrain last week, Netanyahu noted, “The worst thing you can do in a speech is repeat a cliché. I’m going to repeat a cliché. The Palestinians never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. They just did another one. Again the Palestinian leadership held the prosperity of their own people hostage to their ideology against Israel.”

“I hope the Palestinian leadership chooses a different course,” he continued. “I hope that instead of rejecting President [Donald] Trump’s peace initiative, even before they’ve seen it, they should keep an open mind about it. That’s certainly what I’m going to do.”

“I look forward to working with President Trump and his administration to advance peace, prosperity and security,” Netanyahu added. “Security comes first, but peace and prosperity can come too if there’s a willingness finally on the Palestinian side to abandon the goal of destroying Israel and once and for all to recognize the Jewish state. That’s the problem and that’s the solution.”

通过The Algemeiner
“几天前,大卫和塔米(弗里德曼的妻子)和杰森格林布拉特以及我的妻子莎拉去了一个地方,这是我们生存的源泉,”内塔尼亚胡说。 “他们去了一个从Siloam游泳池通往Har Habayit(圣殿山)的地方,在那里我们的祖先庆祝耶路撒冷的各种节日,最后的犹太人与罗马人作战,在地球上与这个最强大的力量作斗争,并提交犹太人独立被扑灭了。“
“好吧,我们又回来了,我们又回到了现实,为了我们的历史,为了我们的权利,拥有世界上最强大的力量而不是反对犹太国家,而是支持犹太国家,真是太好了,”他接着说道。说。 “真是太棒了。”
“我希望巴勒斯坦领导层选择不同的方针,”他继续道。 “我希望他们不要拒绝总统[唐纳德]特朗普的和平倡议,即使在他们看到之前,他们也应该对此持开放态度。那肯定是我要做的。“
内塔尼亚胡补充说:“我期待与特朗普总统及其政府合作,促进和平,繁荣和安全。” “安全第一,但如果巴勒斯坦方面最终愿意放弃摧毁以色列并一劳永逸地承认犹太国家的目标,那么和平与繁荣也会成为现实。这就是问题,这就是解决方案。“


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