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Netanyahu attempts to calm fears over US exit from Syria

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At Sunday’s cabinet meeting, Netanyahu reiterated that Israel will continue to act against Iran’s efforts in Syria and that cooperation with the U.S. will continue in many areas.

By World Israel News Staff

Israel’s efforts against Iran in Syria will continue notwithstanding the anticipated American pullout from that country, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at the weekly cabinet meeting Sunday morning.

“The decision to take out the 2,000 American soldiers from Syria will not change our consistent policy,” he stated . “We will continue to act to prevent Iran’s effort to militarily entrench itself in Syria, and if needed we will even increase our activities there.”

Furthermore, “I would like to reassure those who are concerned. Our cooperation with the U.S. will continue in full and finds expression in many areas: operations, intelligence and many other security spheres.”

U.S. President Donald Trump reportedly made the snap decision to withdraw last Wednesday during a call with Turkish leader Recep Erdogan against the advice of his top aides and without consulting his national security team or allies. Trump said that the only reason the troops were there was to fight ISIS and that the victory over the terrorist group enabled him to bring the troops home within three months.

Most experts – and several allies, including France – have rejected Trump’s declaration of victory, saying that ISIS still presents a clear and present danger in Syria even though it only retains one one percent of the country’s territory.

As a result of the surprise move, Defense Secretary James Mattis and Brett McGurk, Special Presidential Envoy for the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS, have resigned, with Mattis saying that it would be better for the president to appoint someone who agrees with him on policy.

Unnamed Israeli officials have criticized the hasty decision, with one senior minister calling it a “horrifying moral and a bad diplomatic step.”

Earlier on Sunday, Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked, in conversation with IDF Radio, acknowledged that a U.S. pullout “does not help Israel” and in fact “strengthens Erdogan, an anti-Semitic war criminal who carries out massacres of the Kurdish people, and does so with a wink from the international community.” She stressed, however, that Israel “will still know how to defend ourselves after this withdrawal, if it takes place.”

“It’s true this opens more avenues for passage between Iran and Syria, but just as we know how to defend ourselves now, we’ll know how to deal with the new situation,” she stated.

“It’s certainly not a good thing,” she said, noting that “the president of the United States, Donald Trump, is a great friend of Israel, and this administration is, I think, the friendliest administration there’s ever been.”

Similarly, IDF Chief of the General Staff, Lt. Gen. Gadi Eisenkot, in an address at the IDC Herzliya conference on Sunday, said the withdrawal ” is a significant event, but it should not be overstated.”

On Thursday, Netanyahu’s office said that the prime minister had spoken to President Trump about Syria and “discussed ways to continue cooperation between Israel and the United States against the Iranian aggression” even after the pullout, adding that Israeli efforts will have “the full support and backing of the U.S.”




“从叙利亚撤出2000名美国士兵的决定不会改变我们的一贯政策,”他说。 “我们将继续采取行动,阻止伊朗在叙利亚进行军事活动,如果需要,我们甚至会增加在那里的活动。”



大多数专家 – 以及包括法国在内的几个盟友 – 拒绝了特朗普的胜利宣言,称伊斯兰国在叙利亚仍然存在明显的现实危险,尽管它只保留了该国领土的1%。



星期天早些时候,司法部长Ayelet Shaked在与以色列国防军广播电台的谈话中承认,美国撤军“对以色列没有帮助”,事实上“加强了埃尔多安,一个对库尔德人民进行大屠杀的反犹太主义战争罪犯,并且然而,国际社会眨了眨眼。“但她强调,以色列”如果发生这种情况,仍将知道如何在撤军后为自己辩护。“



同样,以色列国防军总参谋长Gadi Eisenkot中将在周日的IDC Herzliya会议上发表讲话说,撤军“是一件大事,但不应过分夸大。”



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