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Statement on Pittsburgh Massacre

The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem extends its most sincere condolences to the families and friends of those killed in the shocking and depraved massacre at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh over the Shabbat.

We hope and pray that they will find comfort from the Father above in the midst of this pronounced tragedy. This contemptible act serves as a sad, stark reminder of why Christian solidarity with Israel and the Jewish people is so needed in our day.

The anti-Semitic actions and beliefs of this murderer are just the latest episode in the long, painful saga of how Jewish communities worldwide have endured repeated bouts of irrational hostility directed against them.

Far too often, these outbursts of violence were committed in the name of Christ. But we thoroughly condemn them as evil and wholly contrary to all that Jesus taught. And we want to reassure our Jewish friends that millions of Christians are standing with you during this heavy-hearted ordeal.

We also trust that President Donald Trump and other US leaders will use this time to promote healing and understanding in America and to continue to stand strong in support of the state of Israel and the Jewish Diaspora all around the world.







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