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US senator warns Israel not to trust Russia to remove Iran from Syria

A senior US Republican senator warned Israel against striking a deal with Moscow, saying Russia cannot be trusted.

By: World Israel News Staff

Just hours after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met in Moscow with Russian President Vladimir Putin to discuss Iran’s military entrenchment in Syria, a senior US Republican lawmaker warned Israel not to trust Russia.

“To our friends in Israel,” tweeted South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, “be very careful making agreements with Russia re Syria that affect US interests.”

“I don’t trust Russia to police Iran or anyone else in Syria,” he added. “US must maintain presence in Syria to ensure ISIS doesn’t come back and to counter Russia/Iran influence.”

Graham’s comment came amid speculation that US President Donald Trump and his Russian counterpart are considering a deal about the future of Syria at their upcoming bilateral summit in Helsinki next week.

According to Israeli media and a report in The New Yorker, a US-Russian-Israeli deal might be in the works.

The reports say that Israel would lobby the US to remove sanctions from Russia as punishment for violating Ukraine’s sovereignty by invading and occupying the eastern half of the country. In exchange, Russia would work to remove Iranian forces from Syria. The US would also agree to remove its troops from Syria.

Former US ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro concurred with the Republican senator.

“Senator Graham is absolutely right here,” he wrote on his Twitter account. “But he ignores that Trump is trying to cook up a ‘deal’ that lets US troops leave Syria, relies on flimsy Russian promises to expel Iran, and pays for all this in European currency — Ukraine sanctions, Crimea annexation, weaker NATO/EU.”





“我不相信俄罗斯会警告伊朗或叙利亚其他任何人,”他补充说。 “美国必须保持在叙利亚的存在,以确保伊斯兰国不会回来并对抗俄罗斯/伊朗的影响力。”





“参议员格雷厄姆绝对是在这里,”他在推特账户上写道。 “但他忽略了特朗普试图制造一项让美国军队离开叙利亚的’协议’,依靠脆弱的俄罗斯承诺驱逐伊朗,用欧洲货币支付所有这些 – 乌克兰制裁,克里米亚兼并,北约/欧盟较弱“。


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