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Vice President Mike Pence’s historic Knesset Speech

CUFI Talking Points
Vice President Mike Pence’s
historic Knesset Speech

Vice President Mike Pence made a historic speech at the Knesset this morning. Speaking to Prime Minister Netanyahu and Israel’s lawmakers, the Vice President honored Israel’s upcoming 70th anniversary and 3,000 years of Jewish history in Jerusalem and the Holy Land.


This was the first time in 10 years that a senior US Administration official addressed the Knesset since President George W. Bush spoke there to mark Israel’s 60th anniversary in 2008. The Vice President boldly spoke of the spiritual and political ties between Israel and the United States, and the common bond between our two countries created by people who treasured freedom and the faith of Abraham. He left no daylight between Israel and the United States, a marked change from the speeches we have heard from US officials during the last administration.


We were excited to hear President Donald Trump’s speech in December when he recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s official capital, and announced that the administration would begin making plans to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Today, the Vice President reaffirmed the decision of the United States to recognize Jerusalem, and he announced that the Embassy would complete its move by the end of 2019.


The Vice President spoke of his hope that we have entered a new era of the peace process, and said the President believes it is possible to achieve peace between the Palestinians and Israel with the help of Arab leaders. Instead of chastising Israel for the lack of peace, as the previous President and his administration did many times, Vice President Pence affirmed Israel’s efforts to achieve peace and provide freedom for people of all faiths.


In addition, the Vice President strongly condemned the disastrous Iran Deal and stated that President Trump has decided that he will no longer certify this bad deal. Vice President Pence stated that, unless the deal is fixed, the US will withdraw and resume sanctions against the regime in Tehran. He promised that the US will not allow Iran to attain a nuclear weapon, under any circumstances. And he offered the hand of friendship to Iran’s people, telling them the US is not their enemy, and that when the day comes that the people of Iran throw off the oppression of their regime the United States will stand with them.


This historic speech by Vice President Pence marks a dramatic new day in American foreign policy. It also shows that CUFI has a perfect opportunity to seize the moment and work with Congress and the Trump Administration to achieve political victories that will protect Israel for decades to come.


Pence says troops should not have to worry about shutdown

“From our very first meeting, I knew this was a man deeply committed to standing with Israel,” said the Rev. John Hagee, founder and chairman of Christians United for Israel, whose organization helped pay for a portion of Pence’s trip to Israel with family members in 2014.

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vp in israelI

Israeli PM Netanyahu Welcomes ‘Great Friend of Israel’ US Vice President Mike Pence on Official Visit

“This evening a great friend of the State of Israel will arrive in Israel, a true friend, US Vice President Mike Pence,” Netanyahu told the weekly meeting of the Israeli cabinet. Read this article 


 US Embassy in Jerusalem to open next year, Pence says

Vice President Pence told Israel’s Knesset on Monday that the U.S. Embassy will open in Jerusalem next year, ahead of schedule.

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Netanyahu, Pence laud recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital

Pence said it was his “great honor … to be in Israel’s capital, Jerusalem,” in a meeting with Netanyahu Monday. Read this article 

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副总统谈到他希望我们进入了和平进程的新时代,并说,总统相信在阿拉伯领导人的帮助下实现巴勒斯坦人和以色列之间的和平是可能的。而不是谴责以色列对和平的缺乏,作为前总统和他的政府做了很多次,副总统彭斯肯定以色列实现和平的努力和所有人的宗教信仰自由 提供。


此外,副总统强烈谴责这场灾难性的伊朗协议,并表示特朗普总统已经决定不再批准这笔糟糕的交易。副总统彭斯说,除非达成协议,否则美国将撤回并恢复对德黑兰政权的制裁。他承诺,在任何情况下,美国都不会允许伊朗获得核武器。他主动伸出友谊之手,来伊朗的人,告诉他们美国不是他们的敌人,这一天到来的时候,伊朗人民摆脱他们的政权,美国将与他们站在一起的 压迫。


副总统Pence marks的这一历史性讲话是美国外交政策的新的一天。这也表明,友有一个完美的机会,抓住时机,与国会合作,将政府实现政治的胜利将保护以色列几十年来。


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